Income Tax Rate in Malta 2023 | See Sales, Personal & Coperate Tax rate Calculator

Do you desire to know about the Income tax rate in Malta? Maybe you an  international Investor or a foreign broker wishing to know if the latest tax rate on economic income has been updated?

Well possessing a great understanding on Malta Income tax rate and how income tax calculator is calculated in Malta especially as a foreigner or international expats desiring to live and work in Malta could make a significant difference on how you properly manage your economic income in Malta.

Rich in culture and industrial opportunities, Malta has a very friendly taxation system that tends to be flexible when compared its surrounding countries.

In Malta, income tax in Malta for foreigners, Personal Malta income tax and Malta resident and non-resident tax, the Malta tax authority expects tax to be paid by citizens and foreign expats living and working in Malta.

In this article,we will be taking a walk through  Malta personal tax rate, Malta Corporate tax rate , 2022 Income tax rate and tax rate calculator in Malta, sales and VAT  rate in Malta. In addition, we will be taking a look at some questions that frequently asked on Malta Income tax rate. So lets get started.

Income tax rate in Malta 2023

Living in Malta has just gotten easiest for International expats , immigrants and local primary having Malta as their primary sources of economic income.  we will  explore  the income tax rate in Malta for foreigners as it contributes to be a major determinant to  the gross  economic salary.

Malta economic corporate and personal Income tax rate is calculated in Malta  using the progressive tax  method which aid both foreigners, residents and citizens in Malta an healthy playing field. In Malta, the tax authority has set different tax rate for single residents and married residents in Malta. lets take a look.

At present, no updates has been made on the 2022 Malta  corporate and personal income tax rate yet. So below is the 2022 income tax rate for Malta

  • 0% for every 0-9100$ earned by singles and 0 -12700$ gained by married people
  • 15% for every 9100- 14500 earned by singles and 12701-21200 earned by married people
  • 25% for every 14501-19500 earned by singles  and 21201-28700$


Corporate Tax rate for Malta.

The Corporate tax rate in Malta is a must know for every organisation,business, small scale production firm ,etc operating within the borders of Malta as the Malta tax authority has a set of marginal rate for

Corporate organisations and enterprises within its State borders and its corporate rate is 35% tax on profit for local businesses and for foreign organisations it is set at  5% making it highly convenient for international investors to invest in Malta.

Does Malta have high tax income rate?

According to an article by newsletter , Malta has been considered a traditional tax haven with little tax rate. Having a market share of about 0.66% , it has one of the lowest tax on profits among most countries in the EU.

How does income tax work in Malta?

Malta tax calculator works in a progressive manner which means that income tax in Malta is calculated base off how much you earn , the higher the income, the higher the tax paid.
On a large scale, payment of personal and corporate tax income rate is affected mainly by Malta Provisional Tax system, Final Settlement System or by means of  Self Assessment.

Do Foreigners pay tax in Malta?

In Malta, the government allows any income gotten from outside the country to be completely tax free and as such 0% tax rate is deducted on dividends, interest, royalties,etc received by non-resident in Malta.

Sales tax rate

Sales Tax Rate in Malta averaged 17.45 percent from 2000 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 18 percent in 2004 and a record low of 15 percent in 2001.
 Most  domestic goods and services in Malta are taxed in form of VAT and it is at a rate of 17.45%  however exception is made for financial services unlike most countries in Europe that has its VAT rate to be on the higher side. So if you are in Malta, you likely may pay more on the groceries and most domestic goods through VAT

Is Malta a tax free country?

Just like every other country that derives its economics strength and development of social infrastructure through tax,Malta is no exception. However in Malta, tax are relatively low both for Personal and Corporate income tax rate.
In a growing and industrial nation such as Malta, where plenty of opportunities are abound  especially for international investors , brokers and even immigrants with professional expertise are not left out.
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