Income Tax rate in Mauritania 2023 | Check Personal, Sales & Corporate tax Calculator

Do you desire to know the Income tax rate in Mauritania? Are you aware of the updated Personal income tax rate in Mauritania? Then you are on the right page!

Seeking for Income tax rates in Mauritania has got gotten easier. So if you are an Investor or a broker desiring to know about the updated 2023 Mauritania tax rate on income then you are in luck.

Having an idea about the Personal Income tax rate, tax authority, and how income tax calculator works especially as it affects your annual gross income as a foreigner or international expats desiring to live and work in Mauritania.

Here, we will be taking a look at Mauritania’s Corporate tax rate, Mauritania tax authority, the Sales tax rate, Mauritania’s Personal tax rate and lots more exciting questions about the Income tax.

The income tax rate in Mauritania 2023

Mauritania has a strong taxation system especially within its surrounding countries. Mauritania Personal income tax and resident tax are  paid both by local citizens , foreigners,immigrants and International experts making a living in Mauritania as their primary source of economic income.

Immigrants and foreigners in Mauritania  local living within the borders of Mauritania, it is quite imperative that you know the income tax rate in the nation and how the income calculator for tax is carried out.

The personal and corporate Income tax rate is calculated in Mauritania using the progressive tax system which provides both residents and non-residents in Mauritania a fair playing field on their economic income salary. In Mauritania, residents and non-residents have their tax calculated using the worldwide annual income.

so lets take a peak at recent Personal tax rate for annual gross employment salary income
  • from MRU 6000 – 9000, has a tax rate of 15%
  • between 9000 and 21000, has a tax rate of 25%
  • exceeding 21000, has a tax rate of 40%

The corporate Tax rate

The corporate tax rate of  Mauritania is used by the government to establish enterprises, social infrastructure and amenities there. In Mauritania, the corporate tax rate for Mauritania is kept at 25% which is considered low when compared with most nations.

Is Mauritania’s income tax high?

Personal Income tax rate in Mauritania is currently at a marginal level of 40% for an economic salary above MRU 21000. It is less expensive than other surrounding nations. In an article written by Statistical comparison of mauritania with other OECD countries, Mauritania stands as one of the lowest tax paying countries and was as the 7th on the list recently released by them.

Sales tax in Mauritania.

One major ways in which the Government of Mauritania builds their economic revenue for its State is through VAT or Sales tax. Sale tax is the tax levied on goods and services  by the government and Mauritania tax authority. Sales tax for Mauritania is at 16%.

Is Mauritania a tax free country?

Every country has its  major economics strength and development of social infrastructure embedded  through tax and as such Mauritania is no exception. Although in Mauritania, income tax rate is not high both for residents and non residents even Corporate income tax rate for organisation.
Mauritania, a fast growing economic with lots of opportunities for residents, immigrants, citizens and foreigners alike . need more information on the Income tax system in Mauritania and how it works.
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