Income Tax rate in Moldova 2022 | See Sales, Personal & Coperate Tax rate Calculator

If you are interested in knowing the latest Income Tax rate in Moldova, you are certainly on the right page where every detail about Moldova’s income Tax rate and calculations are provided.

Every country in the world is bound to have its respective tax system. In the case of the personal income tax rate, sales, and corporate tax rate in Moldova, you will get to have a unique system guiding it.

People are asking, Does Moldova have taxes? Which country has the lowest salary tax? Which country has no tax on salary? How much is VAT in Moldova?

In this article, you will be shown the details of the income Tax rate in Moldova. The taxation system covers personal income, sales, and corporate tax rates.

How much is Moldova’s Personal income Tax rate 2022?

Personal income tax rate is generally the tax rate after all the expenses and deductions has been made.

Income – Allowable Expenses = Taxable income

Taxable income/Tax rate = Tax Due

  • Moldova Personal Income Tax Rate 12%

Sales tax rate in Moldova

The sales tax rate in Moldova is a consumption tax imposed by the government on the sale of goods and services.

  • Moldova Corporate Tax Rate 20%


The corporate income Tax rate

Moldova Corporate tax is a tax on the profit of a corporation. The tax are paid on company’s taxable income.

  • The Sales Tax Rate 12%

Does Moldova have taxes?

Moldovan tax residents are liable to Moldovan tax on their worldwide income, whereas non-Moldovan tax residents are liable to Moldovan tax on their Moldovan-source income

The details above have been released to enlighten the general public on the income Tax rate in Moldova. If there’s anything else you need, kindly let us know via the comments section below.

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