Income tax rate in Nepal 2022 | Check income tax calculator Here

The latest income tax rate in Nepal! Are you aware that if you are a citizen of Nepal or you are an international expert or foreigner residing in the country, you must be aware of the newsest Nepal income tax bracket and tax rates for each year?

You must keep track of the changes in the PAYE tax bracket from year to year in Nepal as this could affect your gross economic income and expenditure greatly. Read more about the latest Income tax rate for Nepal below.

You may also be asking: How much is income tax in Nepal? How is income tax calculated in Nepal? How much is income tax on salary?

Do you know that the Nepal tax authorities change the tax bracket rates almost yearly which accounts for the difference in Nepal’s PAYE tax Calculator rate year to year? If you aren’t aware, it very important that you note when these income tax rate and bracket in Nepal changes so that you can adjust to the economic situation in Nepal.

The income tax rate in Nepal 2022.

An industrious and tourist nation like Nepal operates with a progressive personal income tax rate, hence one must have an idea of what the current income tax rate is in Nepal, especially for foreigners, locals, and international ex-pats.

For unmarried people

Annual incomeTax rateTax amountAnnual tax amount
Up to Rs 500,0001%Rs 5,000Rs 5,000
Additional Rs 200,00010%Rs 20,000Rs 25,000
Additional Rs 300,00020%60,000Rs 85,000
Additional Rs 1 million30%Rs 300,000Rs 385,000
Any additional amount above Rs 2 million36%

For married people

Annual incomeTax rateTax amountAnnual tax amount
Up to Rs 600,0001%Rs 6,000Rs 6,000
Additional Rs 200,00010%Rs 20,000Rs 26,000
Additional Rs 300,00020%60,000Rs 86,000
Additional Rs 900,00030%Rs 270,000Rs 356,000
Any additional amount above Rs 2 million36%


Who has to pay tax in Nepal?

In Nepal, the government takes its taxation seriously as it is one of the main sources of its funding. It is therefore wise that the question of who is eligible to pay tax in Nepal is answered.

  • People who live permanently in Nepal
  • Residents of Nepal that have stayed for days, not necessarily consecutive
  • You work or own an establishment in Nepal
  • Has their major source  of the income stream in Nepal

How is income tax calculated in Nepal?

** 36 % is computed as 30% plus additional 20% on such tax rate applicable to taxable income above Rs 2,000,000. Some important notes related to Income Tax rules for resident natural persons.

Additional deduction from taxable amount up to Rs 50,000. (a-50,000, b-40,000, c- 30,000, d-20,000, e-10,000)

Need more information on Nepal Tax Bracket and Nepal income tax PAYE calculator 2022? Then drop your comments below and bookmark us for more recent updates.

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