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Income Tax Rate in Niger Did you know that the tax levied on incomes vary depending on the country? Are you a resident of Niger or thinking of emigrating to Niger? Are you interested in knowing what the income tax rate in Niger is? Then this article is the answer to all your questions.

This article will give you all you need to know about income tax rate in Niger, including the current income tax rate, and other economic indicies of Niger like the GDP etc. We will like to begin with a brief introduction of Niger.

Niger which is known as The Niger or officially as the Republic of The Niger is an African francophone country located in West Africa. It is bordered by seven countries, with Libya on the northeast, Chad on the east, Nigeria on the southern border, Benin and Burkina Faso on its southwest border, Mali on its western border, and Algeria on its northwestern border.

With a land area of about 1,270,000 square kilometers, Niger is the second largest mainland landlocked country. The land area of the country is twice that of France and it is currently the 22nd largest country in the world in terms of size. According to 2022 population census estimate, the current population in Niger stands at about 24,484,587 people with a population density of 12.1/km2. The capital of Niger is Niamey and its official language is French

The economy of Niger is largely dependent on agriculture, with about 87% of its labour force working in the agriculture sector. Niger currently has one of the worlds largest uranium deposits. Niger currently has a labour for of about 6.5 million people with an unemployment rate estimate of 2.6% making it one of the lowest in terms of unemployment in Africa

What is the GDP of Niger?

The total nominal GDP of Niger based on a 2018 estimate is $9.869 billion while its nominal GDP per Capita is $510.

GDP Composition by Sector

  • Agriculture – 44.3%
  • Industry – 14.9%
  • Services – 40.8%¬†


What is the Income Tax Rate in Niger?

Income tax rate in Niger is levied based on the income range. The income tax rate ranges from 1% to 35% which is the highest income tax rate.

Income Tax Rate – Salary/Income range

  • 1.00% – Up to 25,000 CFA
  • 2.00% – Between 25,001 CFA and 50,000 CFA
  • 6.00% – Between 50,001 CFA and 100,000 CFA
  • 13.00% – Between 100,001 CFA and 150,000 CFA
  • 25.00% – Between 150,001 CFA and 300,000 CFA
  • 30.00% – Between 300,001 CFA and 400,000 CFA
  • 32.00% – Between 400,001 CFA and 700,000 CFA
  • 34.00% – Between 700,001 CFA and 1,000,000 CFA
  • 35.00% – 1,000,00 CFA and above¬†

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