Income tax rate in Panama 2022 | See Personal, Sales & Coperate Tax rate Calculator Here

Are you wondering what the income tax rate in Panama is like? Do you intend living in Panama as an International expert or perhaps you intend establishing an organisation and you are concern about the Progressive Panama income tax rate.

The income tax rate in Panama can both be progressive and regressive depending on the tax rate in Panama.

Panama enjoy a good marginal tax rate especially for its expats and international expats. This is set in place by the Panama Government to ensure a good investment platform for foreign investors and agencies.

Here, we will be taking a critical look at how much is income tax in Panama, Does Panama have high taxes? Do expats pay income tax in Panama,etc In addition, we will also be taking a sneak peak at Corporate tax rate Panama, income tax calculator, income tax for expats, property taxes in Panama and lots more. Lets get started!

Income Tax Rate in Panama 2022.

Panama has its own taxable incomes which range from local wages/salaries, business profit, pensions/bonuses, royalties and profit from stock sales,etc however in some cases, medical  expenses, educational expenses and light expenses.

In Panama, residents and non residents who have Panama as their major source of income is expected by the Panamanian Government to pay income tax as  Panama Personal income tax rate is calculated using the a progressive method according to annual rate for its citizens.

below is the recent income tax rate  for an economic income

  • from an economic income rate of $11000 , there is a 0% charge on it
  • over $11000 – $50000, there is a 15% tax rate
  • for earnings above $50000, there is first a 15% charge on the first $50000 and 25% on the remainder.


Corporate Tax Rate in Panama 

Corporate tax can be defined as the income tax rate that is levied by the Panama government on Companies, Corporations and Enterprises in Panama.

Corporate tax rate in Panama is kept at a fixed rate of 25% for Organisation whose taxable income is greater than $1.5million annually.

Property Tax in Panama

Panama property tax rate is considered on of the lowest tax rate in the area and   most people in Panama that has their primary residence in Panama has a property tax rate of about 0.5%-0.7% for properties that their property rate is above $120000 and it is tax free if the property is less than $120000.

Panama Capital gains Tax.

Capital tax gain in Panama has a fixed rate of 10% of gross sale profit as long as you are not into real estate for a living .

So in the case of selling more than one property a year, your profits has to be included in your Panamanian tax return and you will be exempted from paying additional capital tax.

How much is Income Tax in Panama?

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