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Are you an Insurance broker or an international expatriate seeking an ideal Company in Brazil? Then, search no more you are on the right page.

Getting an Ideal Insurance Brazil Insurance policy could be quite tasking especially if you are an international ex-pat or international student moving to or working in Brazil. However, we will be guiding you through this arduous task and providing the much-needed information on Brazilian Insurance market.

In Brazil, several types of Insurance can be found, however, insurance types such as Brazilian automobile Insurance with a third party liability, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance seem to be popular.

On this page, we will be taking you through the journey of the list of Popular Insurance Companies, Health Insurance Companies in Brazil, Brazil Insurance Regulatory Body, and Other frequently asked questions you need to know about Brazilian Insurance agencies. Now, let’s get started!

Top best Brazil Insurance Companies 2022.

Here, we have made a compilation of the best and most popular insurance companies in Brazil.

  • Bradesco Saúde
  • Bradesco Vida e Previdéncia
  • SulAmerica Cia Saude
  • Salie-Sul América
  • IRB-Brasi
  • Cauxa Seguradora
  • Zurich Santander Seguros e Previd
  • Porto Cia
  • Icatu Seguros
  • Son
  • Generali
  • Porto Seguro Seguros
  • MAG Seguros
  • WIZ Soluçóes
  • Marsh Mclenna
  • Swiss Re
  • Metlife

Brazilian Insurance Regulatory Body.

Both foreign and local Insurance Companies are regulated by the two bodies which are under the Brazilian Ministry of Finance. These bodies regulatory the Brazil Insurance market size includes the Superintendence of Private Insurance, SUSEP and the Private Insurance Council, CNSP.


How many Insurance Companies are there in Brazil?

In Brazil, about 313 registered insurance agencies are operating with a value of 226.5 million brought into Brazil’s internal annual revenue

What are the Largest Insurance Companies in Brazil?

According to recent studies given by Statista, Bradesco Saúde can be considered one of the Largest Insurance Companies in Brazil with the highest net premium of over a 4.3billion dollars

What type of Health Care does Brazil have?

Brazil operates a very-rich public health system that caters to the needs of its citizens and foreigners at large.

Do I need Health Insurance in Brazil?

As an International ex-pat coming into Brazil for work, it is highly recommended you have both travel insurance and health insurance when coming into Brazil, although it is not mandatory.

The Brazil Insurance Market and sector seems to be growing larger with a massive usurp due to the growing need for citizens to get their properties, automobile, health, and life insured.

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