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Do you know in Indonesia, Insurance Companies are Categorised into life insurance companies and non-life insurance companies? I bet you then know that. well, on this page we will be taking you on a journey into the Indonesian life insurance association and the insurance market.

Insurance policies and Companies in Indonesia aim to provide the safety net for properties, health, automobiles, and even life to be insured against future hazards and events

With the Insurance Sector is becoming a large market and a force to be reckoned with especially Health insurance, Life Insurance, and Car and motor Insurance agency in Indonesia, we have provided you with a list of Popular and Best  Insurance Companies, Health Insurance Companies and even Life Insurance Companies with affordable payment plans in Indonesia.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions about Insurance Companies in Indonesia, 2022. So let’s get started!

Popular Insurance companies in Indonesia

Here is a list of the best insurance car and motor insurance agencies, home insurance agencies, and life and health assurance companies available in Indonesia for both foreigners and locals.

  • Tokio Marine Life Insurance
  • Bhinneka Life Indonesia
  • Allianz Life Indonesia
  • Sun Life Financial Insurance
  • Insurance- Allianz Life
  • Indonesia Trusted Agent
  • Generali Indonesia Life
  • Insurance Company
  • Andromeda Agency
  • Axa Life Indonesia
  • Bank Nasional Indonesia
  • Life Insurance
  • Komunitas Indonesia Menabung
  • AXA Life Indonesia
  • Great Eastern Life Indonesia
  • Winterthur Life Indonesia
  • Fist light Insurance Indonesia


How many Insurance Companies are there?

It is important to note that in Indonesia currently, there are over 72 legal operating Insurance Companies and agencies for both foreigners, international expatriates, and locals.

How does life insurance work in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, the insurance system works with the holder paying a stipulated amount of money known as the premium for some time of the policy remains active and upon death, theft, etc the Insurance Company is obliged to pay a specific amount of money called Benefit to the designated beneficiary.

How Much is an Insurance Plan in Indonesia?

The Indonesian Life Insurance Association has influenced the Insurance Plans in the country to be quite affordable although this is largely dependent on the type of insurance plan. with as little as 520 dollars one can get a good insurance plan in Indonesia

How much is Private Health Insurance in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s Private health insurance is not very expensive and is quite affordable to everyone interested as it is around $1100 per year which is approximately $92 per month.

Who regulates Insurance in Indonesia?

The Indonesia Insurance Agencies are regulated and controlled by the Financial Service Authority in Indonesia OJK. This body is concerned with the management policies enacted by Indonesian Insurance Companies.

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