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 Desiring the latest information on insurance companies in Kenya? do you seek to ensure your assets, property, car, health, and even your life against unplanned circumstances or events that may not be favorable to you in the future and may lead to loss, theft, and damage? Then you should know there are several health, life, and automobile insurance companies in Kenya and we will be taking you through them.

With the seeming increase in the need to get properties and life insured, especially in Africa, Kenya has an estimated 49 numbers of registered Insurance companies offering very good and affordable insurance policies.

Basically, in Kenya, Insurance companies can be categorized into non-life insurance companies(short term) and life insurance companies(long term) Such Insurance companies include Car insurance, House insurance, Property insurance, Health insurance, and even Life insurance companies.

How many insurance companies are there in Kenya? What are the big 3 insurance companies? What are the insurance companies in Kenya?

In this article, we will be looking at the list of top best insurance companies in Kenya that are authorized in Kenya 2022, Health insurance companies, Life Insurance, and frequently asked questions on ranking Kenya Insurance companies. let’s get started

List of best  Insurance Companies in Kenya 2022

here is a compilation of Kenya’s popular Insurance Companies ranging from Health, Life, Automobiles, Home Insurance, etc

  • AIG Kenya Insurance Company
  • First Assurance Kenya Limited
  •  Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Limited
  • Kenya Reinsurance Corporation
  • GA Insurance Company
  • CIC Insurance Group Limited
  • Cannon Assurance Company Limited
  • Kenya Alliance Insurance Company Limited
  • Dawit Insurance Agency
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Kenya
  • Real Insurance Company
  • Sanlam Kenya Plc formerly Pan Africa Life Assurance
  • Heritage Insurance Company
  • Jubilee Insurance Company Limited
  • UAP Holdings
  • Resolution Insurance Ltd
  • Car Insurance Kenya
  • Kenya Insurance Consultants
  • Cactus Insurance Agency Kenya


Popular Health and Life Insurance Companies

Insuring of Life and Health has been on the increase in recent times and having a list of the best Health and Life Insurance companies to select wont to be a bad idea. they include;

  • First Assurance Company
  • AAR insurance Africa
  • Heritage Insurance Company
  • APA Insurance Company
  • CIC Group
  • GA Insurance Ltd

Insurance Regulatory body

Both foreign and local Insurance Companies are regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Kenya(IRA), which is concerned with the control and monitoring of the Insurance in Kenya.

Tips on How to Choose an Ideal Insurance Company in Kenya 

Here are simply a few to guide your search for an ideal Insurance Company in Kenya

  • Reputation and Credibility of the insurance company
  • Go through reviews about the company and get a perception of their strengths
  • Review the Financial stability and Price factor of the Insurance Company. Does it fit into your budget? What’s the premium rate?

Need more information on the Insurance Companies Operating in Kenya? kindly drop your comments in the section below and we will attend to them. bookmark us for more updates.


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