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Are you an international student, ex-pats, or tourist wishing for the latest information on insurance companies in Mexico? Do you seek to know the ideal travel insurance you should have especially when visiting Mexico? Then search no more! you should know there are several  Health insurances, life insurance, and automobile insurance companies available in Mexico and we will be taking you through them.

Mexico, in recent times, seems to have an increase in the need to get health and life insured, especially after the global pandemic. Mexico has an estimated 34 registered Insurance companies that offer very good, suitable, and affordable insurance policies.

As a tourist or a foreigner in Mexico, you must have some knowledge about Insurance companies in Mexico.

Mexican Insurance agencies can be categorized into non-life insurance companies(short term) and life insurance companies(long term) Such Insurance companies include Car insurance, Travel insurance, Property insurance, Health insurance, and even Life insurance companies.

In this article, we are willing to take you through basic points to note about insurance companies in Mexico and answer frequently asked questions on it. So let’s dive into it!

Top Popular Medical and Life Insurance Company for Mexico.

Insuring of Life and Health has been on the increase in recent times and having a list of the best Health and Life Insurance companies to select wont to be a bad idea. Here are the Top 10 insurance in Mexico

  • AXA Insurance Mexico
  • MetLife Insurance Mexico
  • Monterrey Insurance
  • Qualitas Insurance
  • Seguros Banamex Insurance
  • Grupo Nacional Provincial
  • BBVA Bancomer Insurance
  • SURA Insurance Mexico
  • Chubb Insurance Mexico
  • AIG Mexico Insurance

Mexican Insurance Regulator

Mexico insurance companies, both car insurance for Mexico trips, Medical Insurance, and Life insurance are all regulated and monitored by the CNSF which is an independent agency of the Ministry of Finance, Mexico. This body sees to it that the activities in the insurance market in Mexico is in line with the financial laws and enactment of the Nation

Do I need travel insurance for Mexico?

Tourists in Mexico need a travel insurance if they plan to drive a car during their stay in Mexico


How does life insurance work in Mexico?

In Mexico, the insurance system works with the holder paying a stipulated amount of money known as the premium for some time of the policy remains active and upon death, theft, etc the Insurance Company is obliged to pay a specific amount of money called Benefit to the designated beneficiary.

How Much is an Insurance Plan in Mexico?

Most Insurance Plans are quite affordable in Mexico although Travel Insurance and medical insurance I am being considered to be quite on the high side, however, this is largely dependent on the type of insurance plan.

 How many Insurance Companies are there in Mexico?

Seeking to know how many legal insurance Companies in Mexico are currently operating in Mexico? There are a total of 34 general insurance companies both life and non-life companies operating in Mexico as recognized by the IRDAI

Why is Car Insurance Popular in Mexico?

Well, a lot of people do wonder if car insurance is mandatory in Mexico? You must know that Mexico operates a third-party liability system with its car insurance policy. However, the Automobile insurance type in Mexico isn’t mandatory but it is advisable to have one.

Mexico provides an ideal environment that enables insurers to thrive especially during the summer. So looking for an ideal vacation spot, then you should consider Mexico!

Need more information on Mexican Insurance Health Companies? Then kindly drop a comment and bookmark us for more.

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