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Are you aware that in Russia Insurance Companies are divided into life insurance companies and non-life insurance companies? I bet you didn’t know that. well, on this page we will be taking you on a journey of Russian Insurance Companies.

Insurance policies and Companies in Russia are geared towards providing a safety net for properties, health, automobiles, and even life to be insured against unwelcomed events or circumstances.

With the Insurance Sector is becoming a large market and a force to be reckoned with especially Health insurance, Life Insurance, and Car Insurance,  in Russia, we have provided you with a list of Popular and Best Russian Insurance Companies.

Health Insurance Companies and even Life Insurance Companies with affordable payment plans. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions about Insurance Companies in Russia 2022.

List of Top Russian Insurance Companies.

Here is a list of Top Health Russian insurance Companies. Car insurance agencies can also be found within the list.

  • SOGAZ Insurrance
  • Alfa Russian Insurance
  • VTB SOGAZ Insurrance
  • Sberbank Insurance
  • Marsh Insurance Russia
  • Allan Russia Insurance
  • AXA Insurance Russia
  • Chubb Insurance Russia
  • Alfa Strakhovanie
  • Ingosstrakh Insurance Russia
  • Renaissance Insurance
  • Soglasie Insurance
  • RSHB Insurance

Are there Insurance Companies in Russia?

In Russia, the Russian Insurance Market has become a growing one with over a 20% increase brought in net brought into the internal economic revenue of the nation.


How many Insurance Companies are there in Russia?

Russian Insurance companies are estimated to be about 562 insurance agencies operating within the Russian territory, out of which 399 insurance companies, 151 are brokers, and 13 mutual societies.

How much is health care in Russia?

Russia has a slightly expensive health care insurance plan. On average, annual health care in Russia is about 10,000 – 45,000 rubles for a normal economic family in Russia.

How does health insurance work in Russia?

Russia has two major types of health insurance namely compulsory insurance, also called OMC which is owned by the state and offers free health plans to citizens and there is a privately purchased medical insurance plan also called DMC, where citizens pay to get health plans.

Tips on How to Choose an Ideal Insurance Company in Russia

Here are simply a few to guide your search for an ideal Insurance Company in Russia

  • Reputation and Credibility of the insurance company
  • Go through reviews about the company and get a perception of their strengths
  • Review the Financial stability and Price factor of the Insurance Company. Does it fit into your budget? What’s the premium rate?

Need more information on the Insurance Companies Operating in Russia? kindly drop your comments in the section below and we will attend to them. bookmark us for more updates.

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