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Do you know in SouthKorea Insurance Companies are Categorised into life insurance companies and non-life insurance companies? I bet you then know that. well, on this page we will be taking you on a journey of Insurance Companies in South Korea.

Insurance policies and Companies in South Korea aim to provide the safety net for properties, health, automobiles, and even life to be insured against future hazards and events.

How many insurance companies are in South Korea? What companies are in South Korea? Does South Korea have car insurance?

With the Insurance Sector is becoming a large market and a force to be reckoned with especially Health insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance,  in South Korea, we have provided you with a list of Popular and Best South Korean Insurance Companies, Health Insurance Companies and even Life Insurance Companies with affordable payment plans in South Korea. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions about Insurance Companies in South Korea 2022.

List of Top Popular and Best Insurance Companies in South Korea

Here are the top best and latest insurance in South Korea

  • HANA Life Insurance Company Ltd
  • Samsung Fire\Marine Expat Insurance
  • Hanwha General Insurance
  • HIS Insurance Services
  • Allianz Trade in Korea
  • KDB Life
  • Auto Car Insurance in Korea
  • Reinsurance Group of America Korea
  • AIG Insurance
  • ITX Marketing Company Ltd
  • Deona- Eun
  • Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Korea Insurance Development Institute
  • Hyosung Surveyors and Adjusters Corporation- Seoul
  • Global Assitance Partners Company Ltd
  • ¬†Prudential Life of Korea
  • KB Insurance
  • KYOBO Building Seongdong
  • Prudential Tower


Popular Health Insurance Companies

we have compiled the best health and life insurance companies you can select with affordable insurance plans and payment

  • A Korea Incorporation
  • Insvalley Insurance Company Ltd
  • Metlife Insurance Company Korea Ltd
  • Korean Reinsurance Company
  • Heungkuk Fire and Marine Insurance Company Ltd
  • Hail Lifo Insurance
  • Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company
  • Meritz Fire and Marine Insurance Company Ltd

How does life insurance work in South Korea?

In South Korea, the insurance system works with the holder paying a stipulated amount of money known as the premium for some time of the policy remains active and upon death, theft, etc the Insurance Company is obliged to pay a specific amount of money called Benefit to the designated beneficiary.

How Much is an Insurance Plan in South Korea?

Most Insurance Plans are quite affordable in South Korea although this is largely dependent on the type of insurance plan. with as little as 545 dollars one can get a good insurance plan in South Korea.

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