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Wondering if there are ideal Insurance Companies in Tanzania? Then you are on the right page where every detail on Tanzanian Insurance Companies.

Desiring ways in which our properties and assets with any insurance companies in Tanzania? They can be kept secure, protected, and saved from unanticipated events or circumstances that may lead it the lost damage, etc of such expensive assets is what every business, organization, and individual sole desires and that’s where Insurance comes in handy

How many insurance companies are there in Tanzania? What are the big 3 insurance companies? Who is the leading life insurance company in Tanzania? How many companies are there in insurance?

Insurance policies and Companies in Tanzania provide the safety net for your properties, health, asset and even life to be insured against future hazards and occurrence

In Tanzania, the Insurance Sector is becoming a large market and a force to be reckoned with especially Health insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, etc

Knowing exactly what you are looking for in an insurance policy and how Tanzania insurance Companies operate will definitely lead you in making an ideal insurance choice in Choosing a Tanzania Insurance Company.

Here, we will be taking you through the journey of the Best and Popular Tanzanian Insurance Company, How to choose an ideal Insurance Company in Tanzania and lot more. Let’s proceed.

Best Insurance Companies in Tanzania

  • Bumaco Insurance Company Ltd, Tanzania
  • Jubilee Insurance, Tanzania
  • Kangaroo Insurance Brokers Co Limited, Tanzania
  • Resolution Insurance Ltd, Tanzania
  • AAR Tanzania
  • Alliance Insurance Corporation, Ltd
  • Alliance Life Insurance
  • Britain Insurance Tanzania Ltd
  • Minet Insurance ,Tanzania
  • The Heritage Insurance Company, Tanzania
  • Britain Insurance Tanzania, Tanzania
  • Mayfair Insurance Company, Tanzania
  • GA Insurance Tanzania Limited,Tanzania
  • Milembe Insurance,Tanzania
  • GSM Insurance Brokers Limited,Tanzania
  • UAP Insurance Tanzania Limited,Tanzania
  • ARiS Risk and Insurance Solutions Ltd (ARiS), Tanzania
  • LF Insurance Brokers Ltd,Tanzania
  • Fbn Insurance Brokers Ltd, Tanzania
  • Pan Oceanic Insurance Brokers Ltd, Tanzania
  • Alliance Insurance, Tanzania
  • Strategic Insurance (Tanzania) Limited, Tanzania
  • Metro Tanzania Insurance Company Limited, Tanzania
  • PFL Insurance Brokers, Tanzania
  • Reliance Insurance, Tanzania
  • National Insurance Corporation, Tanzania
  • ICEA LION General Insurance Company(T) Ltd


Tips on How to Choose an Ideal Insurance Agency in Tanzania.

It can be quite hectic looking for the right Tanzania Insurance Company with the ideal insurance policy to cater to your insurance needs. Well, we have got you covered! It is important to check out these criteria when choosing an insurance company.

  • Reputation and Credibility of the insurance company
  • Go through reviews about the company and get a perception of their strengths
  • It should have legal certification and authorization from the appropriate bodies and in Tanzania, the legal body for this is the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA)
  • Check out its coverage plan and policies. Does it suit your needs and meet your requirements
  • Check out their Financial stability and Price factor. Does it fit into your budget? What’s the premium rate?

These are but a few major questions you must ask yourself when determining the Tanzania insurance agency you wish to partner with.

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