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JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2021/2022 CBT Exams are here for candidates looking for the opportunity to score high in the forthcoming 2021 Joint Admission and Matriculation Exams. To make effective use of this opportunity, candidates are required to read and follow all instructions.

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JAMB Government CBT Questions 2020

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The following are sample Government Questions and answers:  

. Citizenship can be acquired by

A. Nationalism

B. Indigenization

C. naturalization

D. Communalism

ANSWER: A (Nationalization)

2. In the unitary system of government, power is derived from

A. a rigid constitution

B. the judiciary

C. the executive head of state

D. one source of authority

ANSWER: D (one source of authority)

3. The power allocated to the central government in a federation is primarily contained in the

A. Central legislative list

B. exclusive legislative list

C. residual legislative list

D. concurrent legislative list

ANSWER: B (Exclusive legislative list)

4. A constitution is said to be rigid if it

A. can only be interpreted by the military

B. is written by difficult authors

C. cannot be amended by the executive

D. has cumbersome provision for its amendment

ANSWER: D (has cumbersome provision for its amendment)

Where to get JAMB Government Questions with Answers

JAMB Government Answers is not far fetched. All you have to do is to make sure you, first of all, prepare very well for the Exams using the JAMB recommended Textbooks and Syllabus. Every question that candidates will see is all from the scheme of work.

We also advise candidates to make references to JAMB past questions and equally practice with the JAMB CBT Application.


How To Choose the right JAMB Government Answers

This is another vital issue candidates encounter while writing the examination. before taking any option, make sure you read each question at least three times to your understanding, this does not mean that you should waste time unnecessarily: Be Smart and fast.

You should equally follow the examination instruction, do not assume any other instructions you knew before the exams.

Core Topics For JAMB Government

You should take note, that Jamb Government comprises of five main sections, namely

  • 1. Basic concepts in government Power, Right, Legitimacy, Authority, Sovereignty: Society, State, Nation, Nation-State; Political Processes Political Socialization, Political Participation, Political Culture.
  • 2. Forms of Government: Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Autocracy, Republic, Democracy definitions, features, merits and demerits.
  • 3. Arms of Government: The Legislature – types, structure, functions, powers; The Executive – types and functions, powers; The Judiciary – functions, powers, components.
  • 4. Structures of Governance: Unitary, Federal, Confederal-features, reasons for adoption, merits and demerits.
  • 5. Systems of Governance: Presidential, Parliamentary and Monarchical.
  • 6. Political Ideologies: Communalism, Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism
  • 7. Constitution Written, Unwritten, Rigid and Flexible.

8. Citizenship: Meaning, Types, Citizenship rights; Duties and obligations of citizens.

How to Answers JAMB Government Questions

The best way to tackle the questions in the Government is to note that the examination questions carry equall marks. However, candidates should note, that all the questions are important, but here is some important information you should consider

  1. Read All Questions Carefully. The stress of the exam situation can make you misread a question, think about your answer before you pick one, start writing your choices of answer down. …
  2. Manage Your Time. …
  3. Structure Your Answer. …
  4. Explore Both Sides of an Argument. …
  5. Review Your Answers Thoroughly.

How can Candidates Download JAMB Government Questions and Answers

With the PDF Version of the JAMB Answers, candidates will be able to download the file directly into their personal computers or phones. To download it, keep visiting and read down the page, the PDF file may be updated anytime.


Expected Time Duration For JAMB Government Exams

Since all candidates are expected to register at least three subjects during the JAMB registration. The time for the exams will be the same for the three subjects. You will be expected to spend not more than fifty minutes on one subject. This is due to the fact that the total time for the three subjects may not be more than 2 hours 30 minutes. Candidates should be conscious of their time management.

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