JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 CBT Exams PDF Download

JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 CBT Exams are here. Candidates who wish to score high in the forthcoming 2021 Joint Admission and Matriculation Exams with JAMB Literature in English Answers. Also, get the likely JAMB Literature Expo pdf for free.

To make good use of this JAMB Literature in English Answers, candidates are expected to read and follow all instructions. Everything concerning JAMB Literature in English run is made available below, keep reading.

JAMB Literature in English Answers

W have taken to show candidates how to answers JAMB Questions on Literature and also provide likely JAMB Literature in English Questions for practice before the exams.

Download JAMB Literature in English CBT Questions and Answers 2021

The Ongoing JAMB Literature solutions are made available in a portable document format, all users are expected to download the latest updates into their various devices for eaasy access and offline usage.

The following are sample Literature in English Questions and answers

1. “I can stand well enough and I speak well enough”. The excerpt above exemplifies ___ ?
  • A. synedole
  • B. euphemism
  • C. repetition
  • D. irony

ANSWER: C (irony)

2. Choose the most appropriate stress pattern from the options. The stressed syllables are written in capital letters

  • A. judiciaRY
  • B. JUdiciary
  • C. judiCIAry
  • D. juDIciary

ANSWER: D (juDIciary)

3. The question below is based on Amma Darko’s Facesless.

The street phenomenon in the novel is a universal theme because
  • A. It only occurs in Ghana
  • B. It could be found only in Africa
  • C. It is common to almost all nations of the world
  • D. the novel is read in all parts of the world

ANSWER: C (It is common to almost all nations of the world)

4. The question below is based on William Shakespeare’s Othello.

According to the highest estimate, how many ships in the Turkish fleet were said to head for the Island of Cyprus?
  • A. 107
  • B. 230
  • C. 200
  • D. 140

ANSWER: B (230)

5. This question is based on General Literacy Principles

…..is an example of a narrative poem is?
  • A. elegy
  • B. epic
  • C. dirge
  • D. sonnet

ANSWER: B (epic)


Where to get JAMB Literature in English Answers

JAMB Literature Answers is not far fetched. All you have to do is to make sure you, first of all, prepare very well for the Exams using the JAMB recommended Textbooks and Syllabus. Every question that candidates will see is all from the scheme of work.

We also advise candidates to make references to JAMB past questions and equally practice with the JAMB CBT Application.


How To Choose the right JAMB Literature in English Answers

This is another vital issue candidates encounter while writing the examination. before taking any option, make sure you read each question at least three times to your understanding, this does not mean that you should waste time unnecessarily: Be Smart and fast.

You should equally follow the examination instruction, do not assume any other instructions you knew before the exams.

How to Download JAMB Literature Questions and Answers

With the PDF Version of the JAMB Answers, candidates will be able to download the file directly into their personal computers or phones. To download it, keep visiting and read down the page, the PDF file may be updated anytime.


JAMB Literature in English Exams Duration

Since all candidates are expected to register at least three subjects during the JAMB registration. The time for the exams will be the same for the three subjects. You will be expected to spend not more than fifty minutes on one subject.

This is due to the fact that the total time for the three subjects may not be more than 2 hours 30 minutes. Time management is very important.

JAMB Literature past Questions and Answers

I hope the guide on JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers is very useful, kindly use the section below to share your view, we will get to you shortly

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