JAMB Recommended Textbooks for French 2020/2021: Take note

JAMB Recommended Textbooks for French 2020/2021: Take note

All the candidates writing French in JAMB should make sure are making use of the under-listed textbooks recommended by Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board.

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JAMB Recommended Books for French

  1. (i) Written Language

Ajiboye, T. (2012) Nouvel Horizon, Book 4, New Revised Edition, Ibadan: Bounty Press

Ajiboye, T. (2014) Companion to French Grammar (4th Edition): Ibadan: Cleavoketa books

Byrne and Churchill (1980) A Comprehensive French Grammar,

Hatier (1980) Le Nouveau Bescherelle: L’Art de Conjuguer, Ibadan: Spectrum Book Ltd.

Mazauric,. C, et Sirejols, E(2006) : On y va! Book 3, Ibadan : Spectrun Books Ltd.

Maice, G et Merlo, G : (1998): Grammaire progressive du français ( Niveau intermediaire), Paris: Clé international.

Ojo, S. A.(2000) A Comprehensive Revision Handbook of French Grammar, Ibadan: Agoro Publishing Company.

Use any other relevant materials on French Grammar.

(ii) Oral:

Ajiboye, T. (2010) An Introduction to Practice in Oral French, Ibadan: Bounty Press.

Leon, M. (1978) Initiation à la Prononciation du Français Standard.

Any other materials that emphasise oral practice

  1. Culture of Froncophone Countries

Girod R and Ground-Clement, F. (1979) Comment vivent les Francais, Paris: Hachette Mbuko, L. (2000) French Essays on Culture and Civilisation for Schools and College Ibadan: Bounty Press.

Gather any other relevant materials, which may include French newspapers, magazines, journals, and documents on Francophone life.

Wisdomline Pass at Once JAMB.

  1. Dictionary

Use  any good French/English or French dictionary

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