Jamb Series 1-Requirement You need to prepare for Jamb 2020

Jamb Series 1-Requirement You need to prepare for Jamb 2020

Many jamb candidates do not know the materials they need to prepare for jamb. Preparing for Jamb is a decision, but how to handle this decision maters. Now, materials are necessary for you in the process of Jamb preparations

It is very good to make preparation for your Jamb examination; However, not every candidates know how to perfectly prepare to pass Jamb.

What I am about to share with you, in this article, are the hot materials you need while preparing for Jamb. You may already have a knowledge of these materials, but I want to re-emphasize their importance in your decision.

The Necessary  JAMB Materials

  1. Good TextBooks:

Please note that notebooks alone are not sufficient to prepare fully for Jamb; you need good textbooks. A good text is one that covers everything listed in your jamb syllabus. Make sure have textbooks for all your Jamb subjects you are planning to write. 12 Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB

  1. A Jotter:

It is rather unfortunate that Jamb candidates fail to jot while studying. They read without putting down facts. It is very important that you get a notebook or jotter to put down important points while reading. Jotting important points makes your revision faster.


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  1. Notebooks:

This is another important material you need to consider while preparing for Jamb . Your notebooks should cover all that you have done in the past. You would have to refer to them once in a while for effective assimilation.

  1. Rough Notes:

A rough note is very important. You need a rough note for calculations where applicable. Get a note and dedicate it to calculations and rough work. The more rough notes you make use of, the more prepared you are.


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  1. Calculator:

This is a sure material you need. However, do not use scientific calculators to study for Jamb. Jamb make use of basic calculators and usually give them out to candidates during registration

  1. Syllabus:

Undoubtedly, Jamb syllabus is to guide you on what to read and what not to read. You need to have it to guide you while studying. When going through the Jamb syllabus, make sure you to tick the topics you have covered thoroughly. You may want to click here to get all Jamb syllabus for free.

  1. Time:

Time is of the essence, You need time to schedule your studies and as well check how fast you were able to solve a mathematical problem. Remember, time is not friendly, Killing time is not murder but suicide.

  1. Chair And Table:

This is to emphasize that you must sit down while studying for Jamb. Don’t be on the bed while studying; it is very risky and will not help

  1. Your Brain:

Your brain is the most important material you need. Your brain must be there while you are preparing for Jamb. Focus is the key; take away all possible distractions.

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