JAMB Syllabus For Christian Religious Studies (CRS) 2021/2022- Download PDF Now

JAMB Syllabus For Christian Religious Studies (CRS) 2021/2022 is made available online for interested candidates. In this article, we are going to guide candidates searching for the latest JAMB CRS syllabus on how to download it on any device. In addition to downloading the syllabus, we will equally guide you on how to prepare for the CBT Examination, all you need to do is to stay glued to this page for the necessary instructions.

JAMB CRS Syllabus Ultimate Guide

Note: Jamb Syllabus is an essential part of Preparing for the Examination. If you do not have the current syllabus, You have less chance of passing very well.

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JAMB Syllabus For CRS 2021


JAMB 2021 CRS Syllabus PDF Download

2021 JAMB Syllabus for CRS

JAMB CRS Syllabus

JAMB Christian Religious Studies (CRS) Syllabus 2021

The JAMb syllabus you are looking for is available in PDF Format Follow the link below to download the syllabus

How to Download JAMB CRS Syllabus

It is very important to have a PDF Form of the current JAMB Syllabus. This will help candidates to have easy access to the Syllabus any time they feel like without coming online.

To download the JAMB Syllabus Follow the link below.

Link to Download Syllabus

How To Pass JAMB with Syllabus 2021/2022


The ability of any candidates to be able to enter into any examination hall and write the exam without any external influence is what is known as self-confidence. Get into the exam hall and settle for the Biology, let nothing distract you because you can do it all alone. Your self-confidence determines your success, make sure you guard against instability.

Manage your time

Time is another important factor that affects human activities. The time allocated to the is not usually enough because you need to go through the comprehension and the novel before the majority of the questions can be answered. Do not waste your time doing one thing, share your time appropriately you will see yourself conquering JAMB 2020.

Adhere to Examination instruction.

Many students do not care about the instruction given in the examination. This is very bad because the instructions guide you in answering of the questions. Majority of candidates who fail or have their result held did not follow the Exams instructions.

Do not Neglect your Strength

When I changed my mindset and focus on Biology, I started reading it and spent more time on it. After two months, I discovered I had only 2 topics left in Biology while I have at least 7 each in Agric and Physics that were my favourites initially.I had neglected my Agric and Physics duties and focused on Biology only. I had to shift back to Agric and Physics so as to strike a balance between the 3 subjects.What I am trying to say in essence is, “While you are working on your weaknesses, don’t neglect your strengths. They are the best places to get cool marks in Jamb 2020″.


Biology jamb questions cover both those great terminology you studied back then in secondary school.

Flashcards are a great memorization aid for a flashback. Spend at least one hour of your study time a week making and studying flashcards. Put the new term on one side of the card and the definition on the other side. Go through your stack and test your ability to remember the meaning of each term. When you get a card right, put it in a separate stack. Keep practicing with your other cards until you get them all right.


Your brain has two kinds of memory Which are the short-term and long-term memories. If you are the type that always found yourself scratching your head trying to remember the details of what you learned, then that’s because you had the idea or process in your short-term memory but didn’t get it fixed in your long-term memory.

Budget a small amount of study time every day instead of planning on big marathon sessions once a week. If you review your lecture notes on the day that you first wrote them down, while the info is still fresh in your short-term memory, youll increase your chances of banking some of that information in your long-term memory before you go to sleep.


Reading alone won’t get most people a good grade in JAMB 2020 exams. To store information in your long-term memory, you have to use the information actively. You can practice what you learn in several ways:Do the activities in the lab. Hands-on laboratory experiments help reinforce concepts from class— so come to lab prepared to do the experiments and ask questions!

Draw processes and structures. Take out some blank paper and try to draw the things youre learning about. Label everything and explain the concepts to yourself as you go along. Peek at your notes when you have to, but keep repeating the process until you dont have to peek anymore.

Explain things to others. If you study alone, you can explain things out loud to yourself. Or explain things to your significant other, your parents, your kids, or even your cat.

Answer questions at the back of your book chapter. Instructors often recommend questions to go along with the reading. These questions are good practice, especially the critical thinking questions that ask you to think about real-life scenarios and apply what youve learned.


Study groups can really improve your success in science classes. You can practice your explanations on people who are studying the same material, ask and answer questions, and share tips and tricks with one another.You can also support one another emotionally and maybe even make studying more fun. Many students form study groups that stay together through a whole year of classes, and sometimes even longer.


Before you take the exam, find ways to test yourself and to identify your weak spots so you can make sure youre really ready. Here are some tips on how to test yourself:

Get and study JAMB 2020 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS as we are about to give to you.

Some instructors actually give copies of old exams to students to practice on. Ask your instructor if she does this.

Textbooks have quizzes at the back of the chapters and often have online companion sites with more quizzes.



Getting a good grade is about getting the best overall percentage in class that you can. Exam points are usually the hardest to get, so make sure you get all the easy  or at least easier  points, which usually come from homework assignments, labs, attendance, and even extra credit. Take advantage of every easy assignment that comes your way. Then, if you miss a few exam points, youve got back up.


Dont wait until its too late to get help. At the first sign of trouble, like a bad grade on an assignment or quiz, get help from your instructor, your teaching assistant, the tutoring center, or a friend whos doing well in the class.

You’re not supposed to be an expert on the subject; that’s why you’re taking the class. Sometimes, the question you ask is the one that ten other people are wondering about. Instructors and TAs are paid to help you learn, and most of them love what they do.

Use JAMB Past Questions

The Past questions are the only JAMB 2020 Solution you’ll find nationwide. The fact is JAMB is already out of questions, so they repeat almost all questions. Study past questions, read more on each question from the recommended textbooks and study the pattern used by JAMB to set questions.


Many candidates fail to pray always for their examination, this is very bad. Prayer is the key, prayer is the master key. our God in Heaven is ever ready to help us as long as we go to him in prayer. Ask God for all that you want concerning your JAMB 2020.I hope at this point we have been able to communicate to you the essential points concerning 2019/2020

Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB

Failure to make use of the syllables

Jamb syllables have been a veritable tool in the hand ofstudents seeking admission into higher institution. Research has shown that 90percent of those that excel in Jamb are those who study the syllablescomprehensively.

We strongly recommend all candidates to have a take a lookat the syllabus for every subject they registered. Pay attention to thesubjects you’re anticipated to master and let it guide your studies. This way,you’ll spend no time reading things which are irrelevant to the examination.

Many students have recorded successes in their UME examsbecause of the adamant study of the syllable.

Lack of Self-confidence.

This is a major factor that make candidates end up being afailure. If you have confidence in yourself, there is no way you will failJamb. Forget about what people say about Jamb. If I could pass Jamb and gainadmission into my school of choice, why won’t you do the same with confidence?

Lack of good study habits

The word student only comes from the word study. You may follow the brochure and strictly adhere to the registration processes of Jamb, but the truth remains that academic excellent solely depend on serious study of your texts books and other recommended books in the syllables.

The ultimate thing to do while preparing for UME exams is tostudy. A good number of student give the excuse of being so busy, hitherto theycan’t study. No matter the tight schedule of a candidate, it is advisable for acandidate to create time for effective studies. It will also be advantageous for a candidate to enroll in extra-moralclasses.

Late Registration of JAMB                                                   

Time waits for no man- is a popular adage. Tick says theclock tick tick is another adage.  Thefact that Jamb offers enough time for its registration is not a ground forcandidates to register late for the exams. Procrastinating to register on time has caused a whole lot of failure inJAMB UME examinations. This may include: Candidates are given unconducive/unequippedcenters. Some are slated for rural areas for the exams and guess what! Thesecan cause candidates to fail.

Lack of Speed:

Candidates who apply speed speed in the exams do emerge successfully. JAMB UME examination is not an exams for babies, but for matured minds who are ready to face the other world of the university. The examiners give a very limited time of about 40 minutes. However, this time waits for no, man as it ticks every seconds.

Don’t forget that:

 The time assigned goesvery fast and stops automatically for everyone. Whether you came to the examsvenue late. Intelligent students fail Jamb not because they are notintelligent, but because they are not fast.

Failure to arrive at the exams venue early

It was once reported that there was a girl, tall andintelligent that cried in her exam day. All her tears was in vain, all herplease was wasted as the invigilator was so tenacious in his decision. Futherfindings revealed that she was the best in her secondary school who made historyby recording 9A’s in the west African Senior School Certificate Examination(WASSCE ), but on that faithful day she was late to her UME exams. That was howshe failed JAMB.

It is so obvious that many candidates are seen doing someprint out on their exams day and this warrant their lateness to exams. It is advisablefor candidates to do all necessary things prior to the day of their exams.  If your exams center is in a long distance orin another state, try to be there at least a day before and get to know yourcenter.

 Computer illiteracy

 Computer illiteracy is a major factor that causes candidates to emerge as a failure. This is a computer age where computer and other computer related devices are easily accessed, yet computer illiteracy still rocks among young school leavers. Since 2014, Jamb had progressed from the rostrum of PPT to the rostrum of CBT which made way for the utilization of computers for the exams. It is appealing that many candidates still cannot operate this computers during exams and thereby failure comes in. It is advisable for candidates to undergo Computer Base Training before the day of their exams.

 Incomplete exam materials

Incomplete exam materials has posed a lot of problem to manycandidates. The exams day is like an injury period which a simple mistake canhurt for life. Before departing for the exams hall check out for your materialssuch as Jamb print out, Passports etc. Read the necessary instructions andadhere to it. Where you are to bring a colour print-out please don’t bring ablack and white print out.

Unconducive/unequipped exams center

One major thing that has affected the performance ofcandidates in JAMB is the poor and unequipped exams environment. These have posea psychological effect on many students. The progression from PPT (Paper andpencil test) to CBT (Computer Base Test) has not change Jamb’s poor ExaminationEnvironment.


Many students do not have the right information about Jamb exams. They are given fake information which has nothing to do with the fore mentioned exams. It is a known facts that are many myths and conceptions surrounding the exams and the exams body. All this should be taken with a pinch of salt as many of them are rumors and not true.

I hope you are well guided on JAMB Syllabus For Christian Religious Studies (CRS) 2021/2022 – Download PDF Now.

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