JAMB Syllabus for Government 2022/2023 PDF Download & Textbooks

JAMB Syllabus for Government 2022/2023 PDF Download. Get the latest version of the Government Syllabus for JAMB, Area of concentration and recommended textbooks here and learn how to study for the Government CBT exams coming your way very soon.

JAMB Syllabus for Government

We have gathered for you all the details on JAMB Government Syllabus and hot topics to focus on while preparing for your JAMB Government exams provided by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB at www.jamb.org.ng. Syllabus for Government JAMB UTME.

If you really want to score high in your UTME, make Government Syllabus your Companion. The earlier you know what to do, the better for you. The JAMB syllabus is important for all Candidates.

In addition, we will equally show you JAMB Recommended textbooks for Government to enhance your understanding during studies and some practice questions from the government to test your ability.

Latest JAMB Government Syllabus 2022

After the registration for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB CBT exams, some candidates will be issued free materials from JAMB which includes the Syllabus for all subjects/courses.

We have also ensured that the same Syllabus is made available online for students from different parts of the country to download and use.


How to Download JAMB Syllabus for Government 2022

To download the latest syllabus for Government, carefully follow the instructions below:

Follow the link below and make sure you have a good network for download.

  1. Study the basics of Government including Authority Power, Sovereignty, Legitimacy, State government, and Nation-state, Society, forms of Government, Arms of Government, Structures of Governance, and Systems of Governance:
  2. Political System: Understand the basic Political System, including Political Participation, Political Socialization, Political Culture, and Political Ideologies such as:
    • Communalism
    • Feudalism
    • Capitalism
    • Socialism
    • Communism
    • Totalitarianism
    • Fascism
    • Nazism
  1. Constitution: Read everything about the constitution including post-independence Constitutions.
  2. Democracy: Know all the principles of Democratic Government such as:
    • Separation of Power
    • Democratic responsibility and ethics
    • Constitutionalism
    • Representative Government.
    • Rule of Law.
  1. Legislation: Also read everything about legislation.
  2. Citizenship: Read and understand the meaning, the rights of citizens, types, citizenship, and Duties and obligations of citizenship.
  3. Electoral System:
  4. Understand the Nigerian electoral system, suffrage & evolution, election, electoral Commission system and its functions, Political Party System.
  5. Pressure groups, public opinion, and civil service.
  6. Pre-colonial Politics: Read and Know everything about the Nigerian Pre-colonial Politic system functioned.
  7. Colonialism: Everything on the British process of colonialism, the British administrative policy, impact, and comparison to the French colonial administration and the Nigerian system of decolonization.
  8. Nationalism: understand the types and meaning of nationalism, the Nigerian constitutional development, national movement, names and profile of Nigerian nationalist Leaders past and present presidents, and so on.
  9. Institutions of Nigerian Government: Read everything about the legislative, Executive, and Judiciary and their functions.
  10. Federalism: Know the Structure, functions, and problems of the Nigerian federalism, Federal System, and tiers of government.
  11. Nigeria Political Parties in Post-Independence: The first, second, third, and fourth republics.
  12. Know the history of the creation of States in Nigeria including those who created them.
  13. Study the Nigerian revenue allocation system, census, and conflicts.
  14. Parastatal and Public Corporations: Know the types, definitions, functions, and purposes of the Nigeria Parastsatal and public corporation system including privatization, deregulation, and commercialization and the relationship between Parastsatal and Public Corporations.
  15. Local Government: The functions, structure, and Problems of local government, inter-governmental relations, and traditional rulers.
  16. The Nigerian Military system and Politics: Read everything on the Structure of the Nigerian military rule during the military regimes, including how brought about the military intervention in Nigeria and the military rule disengagement.
  17. Nigeria Foreign Relationship and Policy with other countries:

International Organizations:

Know the organizations that Nigeria is part of. Read about the structure, origin, achievements, objectives, functions, prospects, and problems of the following organizations: United Nations (UN), Commonwealth, OAU, African Union (AU), ECOWAS, and OPEC

JAMB Government Syllabus PDF

Government Recommended Textbooks for JAMB

To really make things work out well, The Recommended texts books on government will also help you to make good use of the syllabus above.

Below is the list of JAMB government textbooks:

  1. Olawale, J. B (1987) New Topics on Ordinary Level Government, Ilesha: Jola Publishing.
  2. Oyediran, O. Nwosu, H., Takaya, B., Anifowoshe, R., Femi, B., Godwill, O. and Adigun, A. (1990) Government for Senior Secondary Schools, Books 1, 2 and 3, Ibadan: Longman.
  3. Oyeneye, I., Onyenwenu, M. and Olusunde, B. E. (2000) Round-Up Government for Senior Secondary School Certifcate Examination: A complete Guide, Ibadan: Longman.
  4. Oyovbaire, S., Oguna, A. E. C., Amucheazi, E. C., Coker, H. o. and Oshuntuyi, O. (2001) Countdown to Senior Secondary Certificate Examination: Government, Ibadan: Evans etc

Do you have any questions about the JAMB Syllabus for Government? Feel free to leave all your opinion in the comments section below.

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