Join Marketplace Facebook – Join Marketplace Buy and Sell | FB Marketplace

Join Marketplace Facebook – Join Marketplace Buy and Sell | FB Marketplace: Facebook marketplace buy and sell can be a business group set up by users on Facebook or the platform created by Facebook to sell and buy items. 
The Facebook marketplace allows users to join the services whereby listed item such as car, house, phone, laptop, cameras, household items, and other stuff are sold and bought on the platform. 
Users on Facebook have the benefit of Join Marketplace Buy and Sell on the platform. Just like the ways you do shopping on the Amazon or eBay. 

Join Marketplace Facebook – Join Marketplace Buy and Sell | FB Marketplace

On this platform, Facebook doesn’t allow shipping and packing of the items. You get to meet the seller one on one before buying any items for safety reason.

Meaning that buying items allow you to see the sellers account details and conclusion in a meeting point. With the help of the Facebook, mobile app users have the control to access the Facebook marketplace on their mobile devices.

On the platform of Facebook users can connect to their family and friend. Within and outside to country ranging from all over the world. Back then users have been using Facebook to sell and buy an item with each other.

But later constructed the marketplace instead of going to much stress in getting in finding a buyer which was bought lastly for users to sell and buy and now it already becoming global and has about 400 million subscribers that buy and sell on the platform.

The structure of the services is made easy to visit whereby there is a search engine box that allows you to search for items.

Each of the items is categories by location and prices. The services are features into two main function which is the seller categories and the buyer categories.

Both are all on one platform so for you to join the marketplace you have to decide whether to join as a buyer or join as a seller. The following guide you on how to join marketplace if you made up your mind on the categories to choose.

How to Join Marketplace as a Buyer

The aspect of selling is very straightforward with the help of your Android devices and the Facebook account details with requires you to log in your account. If you not used to the Facebook mobile app and you don’t know where to get the app.

Just visit your play store on your android devices and install the app. but first visit your phone setting and then go to apps setting to receives unknown sources. Now you have finally installed the app followed by;

– Open the app icon and log in the account setting.
– Click on the marketplace icon that looks like a house with a blue roof.
– Then search for the item and if you see an item you been looking for click on the image.
– Click on send a message to sellers to have a chat with the seller.

Good, you have joined has a buyer. Note that joining has a buyer doesn’t mean that you are an option to the services forever.

You can decide to stop buying items without needing to delete or stop the transaction. It just like when you enter a supermarket buy want you want and leaves. If you want to run your own supermarket and sell the item the same also apply to sellers.

Join Marketplace Buy and Sell – How to Join Marketplace as a Seller

Get a Facebook account and your Android to sell on the Facebook marketplace. Let me give you a sate tip on selling on the homepage.

Firstly work on your prices note that you are not only the seller on those services.

Make an attractive description of your items. Make a good photo of your item and the address where you stay. With the following, you have a green light to join the seller categories by

– Entering the marketplace and click on what are you selling.
– Upload the photos of the items then click save.
– Give a tittle of your items and describe the items you are selling.
– Set the prices of the item.
– Then add the location and categories of the item.
– Finally, click delivered for sale.

Following the procedures correctly well placed your items for sale and make people near your location see the items and communicate with you need someone makes a purchase.

Join marketplace buy and sell provide income for student and the facebook
That is it on Join Marketplace Facebook – Join Marketplace Buy and Sell | FB Marketplace.

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