Keeping Facebook’s Friends List Private | How to Hide FB Friend’s List

Keeping Facebook’s Friends List Private | How to Hide FB Friend’s List. Some users might wish to hide their friends list so that it can only be viewable by them. Users have various features to hide their information. The following steps below are to be followed if you wish to hide your friends list from the general public.

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How You Can Hide Facebook Friend’s List

1. Firstly, navigate to your Facebook profile. You can do this by clicking your name on the top middle of the Facebook homepage. 
2. Next, you will see a row of tabs listed below your cover image. Among this is a label ‘friends’ click this label. 
3. Right above the ‘Friends’ label, a pen-like icon is visible, click it, you will see a label with the words ‘Edit privacy’ appear in a little window, click this label. 
4. Next, a new window will appear that reveals settings for ‘Edit privacy’. Two options are visible here, the ‘Friend list’ and ‘Who can see your friend list’. Move mouse pointer over the second option.

5. To the right side of that area, you will see a label that states either ‘ Public’ or ‘Friends’ or ‘Only Me’. Click that label, and a list will appear below. Select the option that states ‘Only Me’ to make sure that your friends list is viewable by only you. 
6. Next, click the label ‘done.’ This is a white button at the bottom corner of the window.

After a few seconds, the new options chosen will be saved and effected. Now, just you will be able to view your friends list. You can return and alter this alternative at any time and as frequently as you like.

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