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Are you Interested in the La Trope University Scholarship 2022? Do you desire to know what it takes to apply successfully for the Scholarship from La Trobe University 2022?

La Trope University Scholarship

Then you are in the right place. we are very pleased and eager to bring you news about the much-talked-about La Trobe scholarship 2022. Exciting isn’t it? Now let’s take you through the vitals of this scholarship offered by the University of Trope.

In this article, we will be guiding you through the necessary information on the La Trope University Scholarship, how to apply, criteria and eligibility requirements for the University Scholarship at La Trobe for international students 2022, courses offered, starting date for the La Trope Scholarship application portal and essentially, all you to know.

The La Trobe University Scholarship is a career-friendly scholarship that seeks to aid intelligent scholars to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

It offers a 50 percent decrease annually in tuition fees throughout your study year irrespective of your being an undergraduate student, a postgraduate student, or an international student.

Starting Date for the La Trobe University Scholarship 2022.

Currently, the La Trobe Scholarship 2022 is not yet open and the La Trobe University application portal is closed as it’s the last batch of students are still been assessed.

The La Trobe Scholarship portal will reopen again during June for their next batch. We will keep you updated about the latest information concerning it.

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Scholarship Courses Offered by the La Trobe University

The courses offered range from Arts, Sciences, Social Science to Education and teaching. It also includes courses on Business and Commerce, Education and Teaching, Health, IT engineering, Law and Criminology, etc.

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Criteria/ Eligibility for the La Trobe Scholarship 2022.

Candidates are expected to have the following when applying for the scholarship of La Trobe University 2022.

  • International applicants must be from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Kenya, Mauritius, and Vietnam.
  • Candidates are expected to possess an overall score of 80percent or above in the waited average mark during assessment exams
  • Candidates must be already registered students who had begun studies at any of La Trobe University Campus.
  • Must satisfy the University English Language Requirement.
  • Students would have to consent to be international student ambassadors for the university.
  • Must be ready to adhere to the terms and conditions in the scholarship letter.
  • Maintain a good academic and moral prowess during their periods of study.


How to Apply for the La Trobe University Scholarship 2022.

When applying for the candidate can follow these few simple steps.

  • Inspiring Applicants are expected to submit a complete application at the start of a new semester at the school website at
  • Prospective candidates are expected to submit a detailed resume and a personal statement letter on” why you should be given the La Trobe Scholarship”.
  • You can also make an interesting 3-4 minute video on why the scholarship should be given to you.

You will be considered by the La Trobe university if you meet their criteria. La Trobe University is a resilient and efficient institution concerned with raising future leaders.


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