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Applying for a loan is actually commended if done wisely. It is about putting that loan into a real business that will yield interest. A lot of person wants loans here and there, unfortunately, they do not know how to use a loan calculator, they do not know much about the whole loan application process and how to calculate loans.

Have you heard of a loan calculator? Too bad, many people haven’t. It is important to understand and have experience with calculating a loan before you proceed to apply for it

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of calculating a loan, how to use the loan calculator, how to know which loan option is the best for you after doing the maths, and knowing the interest rate and other fees to be the layer.

What is a loan calculator?

A loan calculator is a formula that does the loan math which involves calculating how your loan payment and how long you have to pay back the loan.

The loan calculator calculates all types of loan ranging from a personal loan, student loan, mortgage loan e.t.c

What the loan calculator does

It calculates the following:

  • Principal: This is the money the borrower gets from the lender
  • Interest: This is the amount the lender charges the borrower
  • Fees: There might be additional fees that will be required of the borrower

How to use the calculator

As there are various loan options and types, there are different means to calculate it interest rate and monthly payment

Student loan calculator

Follow these steps

  • Input the loan amount
  • Input the terms in year or loan terms in months
  • Input the interest rate per year
  • This will give you the monthly payment

Personal loan

Follow these steps:

  • Input the principal interest
  • Input the number of years
  • This will give you the monthly payment

I hope the guidelines above on Loan Calculator are very useful. Share this information with friends.


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