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Looking for loan companies in Brazil that give personal loans, business loans, home loans e.t.c? Do you know that there are several lending agencies in Brazil with accessible and affordable loans? Yes, you can apply for loans in Brazil with no stress at all at anytime.

Before considering a loan company in Brazil, it is important that you do a background check on some top-ranking Brazilian financial institutions to check out if you meet their criteria for loan approval, their Interest Rates and also, their repayment plan

Here you will get quality information and updates on the best Loan Companies in Brazil, top banks in Brazil, their revenue, net income and total assets. Do well to read the requirements for each loan companies you are applying through and get your loan approved.

Top Loan Companies in Brazil

The list below shows the top financial institutions in Brazil that you can apply for loans from. They include:

  1. FinanZero – Personal Loan and Refinancing
  2. BPC Partners
  3. Fast Card
  4. CrediHome
  5. Banco Citibank
  6. Shield Funding
  7. Salesforce Brasil
  8. Nexoo
  9. Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors
  10. International Finance Corporation (IFC)


Top Banks in Brazil

This list below shows the top ranking banks in Brazil. Most of these banks issue out loans to businesses and individuals. They include:

  1. Banco do Brasil: Revenue: BRL 58.5 billion; Net income: BRL -12.7 billion; Total assets: BRL 508.1 billion
  2. Banco Bradesco: Revenue: BRL 62.6 billion; Net income: BRL 15.8 billion; Total assets: BRL 1.61 trillion
  3. Banco Safra: Revenue: BRL 6.24 billion; Net income: BRL 2.0 billion; Total assets: BRL 248.1 billion
  4. Banco Santander Brasil: Revenue: BRL 31.1 billion; Net income: BRL 13.4 billion; Total assets: BRL 944.8 billion
  5. Banco Votorantim: Revenue: BRL 5.4 billion; Net income: BRL 1.1 billion; Total assets: BRL 121.0 billion
  6. Caixa Economica Federal: Revenue: BRL 56.5 billion; Net income: BRL 13.2 billion; Total assets: BRL 144 trillion
  7. Itau Unibanco: Revenue: BRL 74.2 billion; Net income: BRL 18.9 billion; Total assets: BRL 2.02 trillion
  8. BTG Pactual: Assets of US$33.61 billion and a net profit of US$1.03 billion.
  9. The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES): Revenue: USD 1.8 billion; Net income: USD 0.8 billion; Total assets: USD 72.6 billion
  10. Banrisul: Revenue: USD 3.0 billion;  Net income: USD 309 million; Total assets: USD 24.7 billion

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