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Looking for a finance company in Indonesia that gives loans to both individuals and Businesses? There are several loan companies in Indonesia that issue out loans. If you are having financial challenges in settling bills, rents, fees and other stuff, you should consider applying for a loan in Indonesia.

Before considering applying for a loan in Indonesia, there are certain things you should consider as individuals planning to apply for loans in Indonesia.  A few things you should first look into include your credit history, your monthly obligation, and your income

In this article, you will get to know the top-ranking loan companies in Indonesia, the best bank that offers loans in Indonesia, the requirements for applying for a loan in Indonesia, and lots more.

List of top loan companies in Indonesia 2023

If you want a quick loan from any loan company in Indonesia, you can check from the list below and pick the one that you meet it’s criteria for loan approval:

  • Batumbu
  • Astra Credit Companies
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • Crowdo Indonesia (PT. Mediator Komunitas Indonesia) – Fintech P2P Lending
  • KoinWorks
  • PT. Astra Credit Company
  • Validus Capital
  • ACC Cibinong
  • Aspire
  • Xendit
  • Maybank International Trust (L) Ltd
  • GIZ Office Indonesia
  • Thunes

Online Loan platforms in Indonesia

There are also online platforms that gives out loans too. They include:

  1. Akulaku
  2. FinAccel
  3. Kredivo
  4. Halo money
  5. Coin Works
  6. Modalku
  7. Armatha
  8. C88 Financial Technologies
  9. AwanTunai
  10. Alami Sharia


Top Banks in Indonesia

Most banks in Indonesia are just like some lending agencies. They also issue out loans to businesses and individuals. Top banks in Indonesia that gives loans are:

  1. Bank Tabungan Negara
  2. May Bank
  3. Pani Bank
  4. Bank Permata
  5. Bank CIMB Niaga
  6. Bank Mandiri
  7. Bank Rakyat (BRI)
  8. Bank Central Asia
  9. Bank Negara
  10. Bank Danamon

We trust that this information on the loan companies in Indonesia has been useful to you. Do not forget to share to someone who might need it.

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