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Are you looking for Loan Companies that are based in Japan? There are several top money lending organizations in Japan where you can apply for a loan. These loan companies in Japan issue out loans to Small and Medium-scale Enterprises.

There are different types of loans in Japan. You can get personal loans from Banks in Japan. Tops banks in Japan give out loans on the condition that the borrower has a good credit record and most importantly, a stable and regular income.

Here, you will get a compiled list of top loan companies in Japan, how to apply to these Japanese loan agencies, the requirements for the loan application, the things to watch out for when considering choosing a loan company in Japan and lots more.

Can I get a loan from Japan? Can foreigners get business loans in Japan? Can I get international loan? What companies can I borrow money from?

List of top loan companies in Japan

There are several Japanese lending agencies available, these ones below are the popular loan companies in Japan. They include:

  1. Northern Trust Global Investments Japan, K.K
  2. SBI
  3. SME Japan
  4. Development Bank of Japan
  5. Australia Investment – UCHK Japan
  6. Development Bank of Japan Corporate Strategy Department
  7. BDO Remit Japan Ltd.
  8. Japan Bank for international Corporation
  9. Interactive Brokers Securities Japan
  10. Kanagawa Bank
  11. Japan Housing Finance Agency
  12. MUFG Bank
  13. Sumitomo Mitsui Card Osaka Head Office
  14. CIC
  15. KABAYAN International Ltd
  16. Repeek Gold Loan
  17. Daikokuya
  18. Savills Japan Co., Ltd


Things to watch out for when considering a loan company in south Africa

Before your loan application process, you should be able to do a research of the loan company you want to apply for loan, to know if you can get a loan from them:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Application process.
  • Collateral
  • Interest rate
  • Loan amount
  • Loan charges and fees.
  • Repayment period
  • Loan use

For questions and enquires on the loan companies in south Africa, please do well to leave us a comment below.

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