Loan Companies in Pakistan 2022/2023 | Get instant Loan in Pakistan

Do you need a loan from lending agencies in Pakistan? Do you know that there are several loan companies in Pakistan that issue out loans to businesses and individuals? If you are having difficulty in settling bills and growing your business, you can apply for loans for your business or personal needs.

Most of these Pakistan loans have affordable interest rates and they are accessible loans in Pakistan. From the comfort of your home, you can apply for online loans in Pakistan and be sure that you will get the loan in less than 24 hours.

In this article, you will get to know the top loan companies in Pakistan, the eligibility of applying for loans in Pakistan, how to apply for Pakistan loans in the best lending agencies in Pakistan, and lots more.

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Top Loan Companies in Pakistan

The following are popular financial agencies in Pakistan that issue out loans:

  • Tijarat Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Kisan Loan
  • Advans Pakistan Microfinance Bank Ltd
  • Taleem Finance Company Limited
  • RCDP
  • Online E-Finance
  • Habib Motor
  • House Building Finance Company Limited
  • Finca Microfinance Bank Ltd, Head Office
  • Car Lease

Eligibility of applying for loans in Pakistan

When applying for quick loans from loan companies in Pakistan, you will need to meet the following criteria for loan approval:

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age if they are salaried OR
  • For self employed applicants,they must be 25 years of age
  • Applicants must have valid and active email ID
  • Applicants must have a valid Pakistan mobile number
  • Applicants must have a credit card or a loan product from any bank for more than 1 year


How to apply for loans  in Pakistan

From the list of popular loan agencies in Pakistan, you can follow these steps carefully to apply for loan in lending companies in Pakistan:

  • Check if you are eligible: Before anything else, check if you meet the criteria for loan approval in Pakistan as well as the maximum instant loan amount you can get within 2 minutes
  • Choose Your Loan Plan: Select a suitable instant loan offer and repayment term from multiple options
  • Upload Your Documents: You are required to upload all the necessary documents and complete your verification digitally
  •  Your account will be credited: You will get the loan amount credited into your account within 48 hours of approval

For questions and enquires on the loan companies in Pakistan, please do well to leave us a comment below.

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