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Looking for financial solutions? Search no more! With this information on the best Loan Companies in Russia, you can provide answers to your financial challenges, pay bills and even grow your business.

In Russia, there is a wide range of companies that provide loans to help people in difficult situations. These lending agencies in Russia differ from each other in terms of their interest rates, loan amounts, and repayment plan.

In this article, you will be enlightened on the list of top financial institutions in Russia, the popular quick loans in Russia, top-ranking Russian banks that issues out loans to businesses and individuals and lots more.

How do I borrow money in Russia? Which bank is best in Russia? What banks are affiliated with Russia? Can foreigners open a bank account in Russia?

List of popular loan companies in Russia

Below are the top lending agencies in Russia, if you want a loan in Russia, you can apply to any of this Russian Financial institution:

  1. Gosbroker (
  2. General loan
  3. Fk Atrium Finans
  4. Soyuzfinans
  5. Iron Finance
  6. Moscow Financial Company
  7. OneClickMoney Loans Online
  8. MetroKredit
  9. Robocash group
  10. ING Bank
  11. HSBC
  12. Twino
  13. European Bank For Reconstruction & Development
  14. Shop MTS
  15. Vanguard
  16. Bain & Company
  17. Mintos
  18. Bystroden’gi
  19. RoboCash group
  20. Japan Bank for international corporation

Quick loans in Russia

Do you have an emergency need? Do you know that you can get quick loans in Russia to solve that financial challenges? With these instant personal loans in Russia, you can meet that business or personal need. They include:

  1. Oneclickmoney
  2. Lime Zaim
  3. Credit plus
  5. Ekapusta
  6. Green money
  7. Joy money
  8. Microklad


Popular Banks in Russia

Most bank in Russia issues out loans to individuals and Businesses. Each bank having it’s own interest rate as well as different repayment plan. Check out the list of top banks in Russia:

  1. Sberbank
  2. Gazprombank
  3. VTB
  4. Alfa Bank
  5. Promsvyazbank
  6. Russian agricultural bank

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