Lookup Facebook By Phone Number

Lookup Facebook By Phone Number: This article will clearly show you how to lookup Facebook by phone number. Have you tried looking for Facebook profiles by contact number? Go into one that you know remains in a profile or published to a Wall– even a profile set to personal– and let me understand what you find.

I have my contact number in my About section and the Facebook search engine returns simply my profile, so you understand that’s the ideal one.

Lookup Facebook By Phone Number

Lookup Facebook By Phone Number

But here’s a search I did by telephone number for someone I’m not linked to and who does not have their phone number in their public profile. (Sorry for the blurring– to protect the innocent victim of my research.).

Lookup Facebook By Phone Number

How to Conceal Contact Information on Facebook.

1. Once once again go to your account, click the [Accounts] tab and select Privacy Settings link.

Lookup Facebook By Phone Number

2. On the Personal privacy Settings page, scroll down and click Customize settings link (see picture. above).

3. On the Customize settings page scroll to find Contact details area and it will reveal you all the contact details and whom you permit to see it.

Lookup Facebook By Phone Number

4. Click any among the contact details. like mobile number and pick the type of individuals who can see/access it. If you want to hide your contact number on facebook totally from everyone pick Customize. (see above).

5. In the next window under Make this noticeable to you can choose the option Just Me or the others.

Lookup Facebook By Phone Number

Lookup Facebook By Phone Number, By choosing “Only Me” youre defining that only you can see that contact information on your facebook profile, while the rest of the world will not see it at all or access from their phonebook page, unless you specify specific people in the above step to see them.

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