Making sound marketing plans for your supermarket is a very essential step. This is to enhance sales and good customer’s services. The key to success here to boost sales is to provide the customer, an experience that he/she will cherish and talk about. This will ensure repeat business and also bring in new customers through referrals. The steps below can help you get more happy customers and increase sales in your supermarket.

Making sound marketing plans for your supermarket

  1. Know your target market

To even start thinking of making sales, make a sound marketing plan of giving your customers what they want, they will do business and buy from you. The services you provide should reflect your customer’s needs and wants. Think from your customers’ perspective; show, sell and say things that interest them, not just what interests you. Remember that it is the customer who determines whether or not you make sales or not.

2. Offer many alternatives

People make choices. To increase sales, it is simple: increase the flavors, color and brand options you store. If you offer many alternatives, you will end up selling more.

  1. Sample new and popular items by the entrance

This strategy as a sound marketing plan drive customers to you shop, It takes them to other product they are not aware off that can fit in to their needs. Through this you call for more shopping and sell more. Once people have made a purchase, no matter how small, they are more likely to buy more.

  1. Listen to customers

People respond best when they are offered various options to choose from. Train your salesmen to build a rapport with a customer and understand their needs and wants. Start using a good strategy to manage purchase history of a customer. You can start suggesting products or giving options to customers while they are at the counter.

  1. Avoid time wastage

Wasting a lot customer’s time of time is not a sound marketing plan; Long queues at billing counters are one of the biggest fears for every customer during peak hours and festive seasons. An effective queue buster, a POS solution for the supermarket that is powerful and efficient would be the need of the hour for every growing supermarket in the market.

  1. Update regular customers with offers

Update help to notify customer on the available products at any time.Value a regular customer by giving them offer, loyalty points and notifying them ahead of a flash sale on their mobile phone. Giving out rewards to perpetual customers is a good marketing strategy: they make people happier and more motivated. Do you want to make your customers happy? Send them surprise coupons or deals. Once you know how your audience thinks, what makes them tick, you can adjust your strategy to become more effective. Make sure that you use the right approach for your industry and target market, and that you always combine these strategies with the most effective weapon of all – amazing customer’s service. Reach out to customers via SMS and emails. This makes it convenient for a customer to plan out a happy shopping experience.

  1. Use larger carts

This is a sound marketing plan for your supermarket; a cart with space in it sends a subliminal message to many shoppers that they have not exhausted their budget and have more money to spend. According to a study in the ‘Journal of Marketing Research’, it is proven that customers shop more when they use larger carts. Carrying a heavy basket, customers tend to leave the outlet early where they might not get a chance to view all your products. Replace baskets with shopping carts which make it easier for customers to shop more and longer.

  1. Value customer’s feedback: 

Everyone wants customer feedback, but many times we fail to do the best thing that gets a good feedback: Asking questions is a sound marketing plan. Ask if your customer has everything they need or find out comments that they would like to share. If they hesitate, give them time to give you a genuine answer before you move on to a different activity or question. Get the best customer feedback solution which the leading supermarkets prefer.

 9. Use the right sounds and scents

Background music in-store can go a long way to influence not only how much people spend, but also what they buy. Make a sound plan for this. Stores playing jazz or classical music are perceived as more sophisticated – and customers stepping in are open to spending more than people entering places playing pop, or rock music. Considering most famous experiment, customers in a wine store were more prone to buy French wines when French music was playing; when German music was playing instead, people bought more German wines. Hearing is not the only sense that affects our spending habits: researcher Martin Lindstrom found that smell of apple pie led to a 23% increase in sales of ovens and fridges in an appliance store.

  1. Change item locations

Another way of increasing sales which is as a result of your sound marketing plans is to keep changing the location of popular items every month or quarter so that shoppers who are motivated to buy them will have to look for them. This is to make them pass by and notice other products, stimulating impulse buys. You will be surprised to see how an old product becomes popular again, just because you’ve moved it to a different shelf.

  1. Stay updated

Stay updated and ensure continuous availability of goods. All retail stores need to manage inventory. It is your money sitting on a shelf and represents a large portion of your business investment. The retailer who merely watches the store’s shelves can’t maintain a proper balance between the right amount of stocks and customer demand.

  1. Elicit emotions

Elicit emotions: Emotional messages are easier to remember and more effective than rational messages. However, not all emotions are created equal: Research shows that when people are feeling nostalgic, they value money less, and are therefore willing to pay more for products. This is a good strategy. Leverage on this by using pictures and music in-store that get to people’s guts: families, holidays, and retro music are oft-used ploys that always do the trick.

 13. Personalize your products

This is a sound marketing plan for your supermarket.When stuff is relevant to people, they pay more attention to it. This happens primarily when we hear our name (a magic word which activates various sections of our brain), but also when we hear something we are interested in – be it a sport we are interested in, our favorite band or the name of a country we have recently visited.
Retailers can use their loyalty program to gain intelligence around customers’ actions, used the data to optimize and personalize communications, products and offers. And don’t forget to use people’s names!

  1. Give free samples

Free samples create in the mind of people so many feelings; When people receive something for free, they feel special, and want to reciprocate the favor.

  1. Grow with Technology

Growing with technology is one of the marketing plans that can improve your supermarket. More and more shoppers are using their phones during their shopping experience to keep track of their grocery list, look up ingredients for recipes, and use digital coupons. In today’s digital world, with the emergence of wallets and cash cards, it’s high time to for the shop-owners to step into the digital world. Digitized information of inventory and shelf stocks, cash, and accounts along with multiple payment options makes it an effortless check out for the shopper. This will make people feel you know what is good for them and your product is up to standard.


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