Marketing on Facebook using Facebook Timeline, Pages or Groups and Ads | Steps

Marketing on Facebook using Facebook Timeline, Pages or Groups and Ads

Do you believe in the existence of marketing on Facebook? If you do not, then it is high time I clear your mind of all doubts. There are several ways to market on Facebook and the best commonly used method is by sharing of your business link or running an ad. Now tell, you have a clickable link, never come across a clickable link on your Facebook account. When I say the world clickable link, I mean some pictures or links that you click and then you are taken outside or redirect you from the Facebook website to another website with relation to what you saw.

Marketing on Facebook using Facebook Timeline, Pages or Groups and Ads

Conditions to Start Marketing on Facebook

Before you can start marketing on Facebook, there are some certain conditions you must meet first. These conditions are the ones that you must first have a Facebook account and you must be logged in. to create a Facebook account;

  • Go to the official Facebook website/webpage. To do this, grab an internet enabled device and open your device e browser. From your device web browser, seek the URL Alternatively, you can launch any Facebook app you have.
  • Now log out of any account that is logged in on the device but if no account I logged in, you can continue.
  • Enter your login credentials where you are asked to and click on the login button.

As long as your login credentials are correct, you have nothing to fear and you will be instantly logged in on your account. Also bear in mind to keep your login credentials to heart. To login your facebook account;

  • Go to the official Facebook website at
  • On the webpage, enter your login credentials where indicated and click on the login icon.
  • Once you click on the login icon, you will be instantly logged in on your Facebook account and by default redirected to your newsfeed.

In case you forget your password, you can click on the “forgot password” link or “recover account”.

How to Start Marketing on Facebook

There are several ways to start marketing your business on Facebook. You can market your business on Facebook using Facebook groups, Facebook timeline, Facebook pages, and running an ad.

Marketing on Facebook using Facebook Ads

This is the common and regularly used method to market your business. However you need a Facebook business page or a business website first. Once you have this, login your Facebook account and click on the menu icon from any Facebook webpage. Click on the icon that says “advertising on Facebook” and follow the instructions given to you afterwards. You can also learn more about this platform by using the Facebook help center.

Marketing on Facebook using Facebook Timeline, Pages or Groups

I think you already know how to post on Facebook. Now this is no different from that. In this step all you have to do is act as if you want to post normally and enter your business details or business link. Also you can add a location. Once everything is in place, click on the post icon and hat is it.

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