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NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Objectives and Essay. See latest NECO Geography expo today and answers the ongoing NECO Geography exam questions at ease.

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NECO 2019/2020 Geography Answers

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NECO Geography Objectives Questions and Answers 2021/2022

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1. Eluviation is the process by which _______
A. Soluble substances are removed from the upper layers of the soil
B. soluble substances are deposited in the upper layers of the soil
C. fine particles are removed from one layer of the soil to another
D. fine particles are deposited in the upper layers of the soil.

2. Transhumance is the seasonal migration of livestock ______
A. from the lowlands to the uplands
B. from the north to the south following the rains
C. in the semiarid steppes
D. in search of water and pasture.

3. Variations in the lengths of day and night over the earth’s surface are due to the _____
A. earth’s inclination to the sun and its revolution
B. earth’s inclination to the sun and its rotation
C. length of the earth’s orbit
D. thickness of the earth’s atmosphere.

NECO Geography Essay Questions 2021

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NECO Geography Expo 2021

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  • Crosscheck your answers before submission

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