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NECO 2019/2020 Literature in English Answers

NECO Literature in English Objectives Questions and Answers

The National Examination Council is Responsible for the Setting and marking of the NECO Examination. The board does not welcome any form of examination Malpractice. Due to this fact, We advise all the the candidates that registered for the 2020 NECO Exam to be ware of people promising to supply the answers during the exam. All the answers to the questions are there with you, there is no other expo.

1.Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy because

  • A. it is full of noblemen and ladies
  • B. it is set in Verona
  • C. it ends unhappily
  • D. Juliet is only fourteen years old
  • E. it has five acts


2. Essentially,plays are meant

  • A. to be read for sheer pleasure
  • B. to make us laugh
  • C. to be presented on stage through words and actions
  • D. to keep people out of trouble
  • E. to change the whole world


3.n ‘Fulani Cattle’ J.P Clark expresses

  • A. the anger and sympathy he feels at seeing cattle driven all the way from the North to the South of Nigeria to be slaughtered
  • B. admiration for the beauty of Fulani cattle
  • C. grief at the gradual destruction of this fine breed of cattle
  • D. the joy of the cattle at being driven over pleasant fields
  • E. the idea that more cattle should be taken to the South to be slaughtered

4.Dinny,Lippy,Steepy and Fatty are characters in

  • A. Kossoh Town Boy
  • B. Kontiki Expedition
  • C. Tell Freedom
  • D. The Concubine
  • E. No Longer at Ease

5. In on of the three jugs
The three jugs where on certain evenings return the tranquil souls,
the breaths of the ancestors,
the ancestors who were men,
the ancestors who were sages,
Mother has dipped three fingers
three fingers of her left hand:
thumb,forefinger and middle finger
i have dipped three fingers
three fingers of my right hand:
thumb,forefinger and middle finger.
(From “Viaticum”by B.Diop)
In this poem,the repetitive pattern suggests

  • A. pain,agony, and misery
  • B. ritual or established form of worship
  • C. the love of a mother for her child
  • D. the beauty of the full moon
  • E. the glorious lives of our ancestors

NECO Literature in English Questions Scheme of Work

There will be three papers – Papers 1, 2 and 3. Papers 1 and 2 will a composite paper and will be taken at one sitting.

Paper 1 will be a multiple choice objective test. It will contain fifty questions distributed as follows:

(a) Twenty questions on General Knowledge of Literature;

(b) Five questions on an unseen prose passage;

(c) Five questions on an unseen poem;

(d) Twenty context questions on the prescribed Shakespearean text.

Candidates will be required to answer all the questions within 1 hour for 50 marks.

Paper 2 will be an essay test with two sections, Sections A and B.

Section A will be on African Prose and Section B on Non-African Prose.

Two essay questions will be set oneach of the novels prescribed for study.

Candidates shall be required to answeronequestion only from eachsection within 1 hour 15 minutes for 50 marks.

Paper 3 will be on the Drama and Poetry components of the syllabus.

It will be put into four sections, Sections A, B. C and D as follows:

Section A: African Drama
Section B: Non-African Drama
Section C: African Poetry
Section D: Non-African Poetry

There shall be two questions on each of the prescribed drama texts for Sections A and B. There shall also be two questions for each of the poetry sections ie Sections C and D.

Candidates shall be required to answer one question from each of the sections, making a total of four questions. The paper will take 2 hours 30 minutes to complete and will carry 100 marks.

(i) The Unseen Prose passage for Paper 1 shall be about 120 – 150 words long.
(ii) Only context questions shall be set on the Shakespearean text. The context questions will test such items as theme, characterization, style and setting in the Shakespearean text.

(iii) No essay question shall be set on the Shakespearean text.African Prose
(1) AmmaDarko – Faceless (2) BayoAdebowale – Lonely Days

Non-African Prose
Non-African Drama

African Drama

African Poetry

Non-African Poetry

NECO Literature in English Answers To Questions 2020

The following has been proving itself very useful in time like this, follow it and and passing the NECO Literature in English Exam can never be a problem to you.


You have decided to pass NECO Literature 2020 and I am sure of that. Now, the next thing you should do is set targets.

You have told yourself, “I will score A in Neco Literature in English 2020”, that’s not all. You need to plan how to make it happen. Create a timetable and master plan to achieve your goals.


Normally, Neco recommends books/novels for the examination. Note that NECO literature in English novels is compulsory, you are free to also use any good Literature in English textbook to prepare for Neco 2020 exam.

Some textbooks are more difficult to understand. If you have any topic you are finding difficult to understand, then get a textbook that will simplify the topics and make life better for you.

SEE: How to Pass NECO Without Once and for all without Cheating


Many candidates are fond of skipping exercises and even examples while studying textbooks. In fact, “we” loved notebooks so much that we could ask, “can I read my notebook and pass NECO Literature in English 2020?” Don’t be scared of attempting exercises inLiterature in English. Face the challenges.


This is another factor that affects candidates success. Do not read Literature in English past questions; answer past questions. Ensure to understand and solve each problem. If you find any question difficult while attempting the Literature in English past questions, then feel free to consult your book for broad knowledge about the topic


This is very important. Once in a while, answer full one-year Literature in English past questions on your own without checking the answers. Then mark to see what you score. With this, your confidence is very sure for 2020 NECO Literature in English.

I hope the NECO Literature in English Exam will never be a problem to you after going through this wonderful article. NECO 2020/2021 Literature in English Answers and Questions Loading…

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