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NECO Mathematics Questions and Answers 2021/2022 For Essay and Objectives Exams. If you are in need of free NECO Mathematics Expo/runs, you have to stay glued to this page for the latest Solution to Mathematics NECO Questions 2021 and other relevant guides during the exams.

NECO Mathematics

Download NECO Mathematics Questions and Answers pdf, Students who really want to come out successful in the 2021 NECO have another opportunity here. Here you have likely Mathematics Expo/runs for the present and Past NECO Questions. Make good use of this article and you will have every reason to come back.

All the detail on Mathematics papers 1 and 2 (OBJ & Essay) are available on this page for NECO exams. Candidates should keep to all the instructions and Answer the Questions appropriately to meet the NECO marking scheme.

Undoubtedly, The National Examination Council (NECO) had provided every useful material and information on Mathematics for NECO SSCE to help students pass well in the ongoing Exams.

Get NECO Mathematics 2021 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

The National Examination Council (NECO) has the duty of setting and marking of the NECO Examination.

The board does not encourage examination Malpractice. Owing to this, We advise all that registered for the NECO Exam to beware of people promising to supply the answers during the exam. All the guidelines are here with you, there is no other expo/runs.

The Mathematics expo for NECO is provided in a portable document format for download, Candidates is only required to click and download them into their devices for easy access.

The following are Past NECO general Mathematics Objectives questions and answers that may be repeated

1. Express 0.03785 in standard form correct to 3 significant figures.

  • A. 3 × 10\(^{-2}\)
  • B. 3.78 × 10\(^{-2}\)
  • C. 3.79 × 10\(^{-2}\)
  • D. 3.79 × 10\(^{-1}\)
  • E. 3.78 × 10\(^{-2}\)

ANSWER: C (3.79 × 10\(^{-2}\))

2. Convert 101.0112 to base 10

  • A. 63
  • B. 47
  • C. 11
  • D. 778778
  • E. 538

ANSWER: E (538)

3. Solve the equation x2 – 3x – 10 = 0

  • A. -2 or -5
  • B. -3 or -10
  • C. 5 or -2
  • D. 2 or 5
  • E. 3 or 10

ANSWER: C (5 or -2)

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Mathematics 2021 Essay NECO Questions and Answers PDF

The ongoing  NECO Maths Are Ready for Candidates and made Available for you here. You have to follow the required steps and instructions to have access to the Current Questions and their solutions.

The following are neco Mathematics past questions that may be repeated


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Can Candidates Buy NECO 2021 Maths Answers?

We are aware that there are many sites out there promise to provide answers to you once you subscribe.

You have to be careful as some of them do not supply legit answers, remember the WASSCE Do not support Examination Malpractice. We have all you need to help you pass the examination.

Mathematics Expo/Runs for NECO 2021/2022

The latest updates on likely Expo runs for the Ongoing NECO Maths is loading, we will let candidates have access to it once out.

NECO Questions and Answers Success Guide:

Candidates are expected to adhere to the instructions governing the exams. The following are key while preparing for the subject:


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I hope the NECO Exam will never be a problem for you after going through this wonderful article. You have an opportunity to share your views, use the comment box below. NECO Mathematics Questions and Answers.

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