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NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Objectives/Essay. Do you want to score A1 in the ongoing exams? Download likely NECO Marketing Expo without “SUBSCRIPTION” today and make your Marketing exams a huge success.

Every Candidate has an opportunity to access the latest updates on the NECO Marketing Examination. There is no time to waste, if you need the answers to NECO Marketing Questions, carefully read and follow the instructions hereunder.

NECO marketing Answers

NOTE: The National Examination Council had made everything known to all candidates. Follow the instructions given in the hall as you read on.

NECO Marketing Objectives Questions and Answers 2021

The National Examination Council in Nigeria is Responsible for the Setting and marking of the NECO Examination. The board does not welcome any form of examination expo.

As a Result of those fact, we advise all the candidates that registered for the NECO Exam to be careful of people promising to supply the answers during the exam. All the answers to the questions are there with you, there is no other expo.

How to Pass NECO 2020 Without Once and for all without Cheating


The following are Past NECO Marketing questions and answers that may be repeated

  1. The performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer is
    A. distribution.
    B. marketing.
    C. advertising.
    D. promotion.
  2. Goods produced for immediate use by a household is classified as
    A. industrial goods.
    B. market goods.
    C. durable goods.
    D. consumer goods.
  3. Which of the following is not a component of marketing mix?
    A. Price
    B. Product
    C. Profit
    D. Promotion
  4. Which of the following is not influenced by consumer behavior?
    A. Life style
    B. Culture
    C. Religion
    D. Distribution
    Explain the following:
    (a) Consumer market
    (b) Government

Objectives questions and answers loading..

NECO Marketing Essay 2021 Questions and Answers


The following are NECO Marketing past questions that may be repeated

The Details of the questions is coming soon..


NECO Marketing Expo and Success Tips

The following has been proving itself very useful in time like this, follow it and passing the NECO mathematics Exam can never be a problem for you.


You have decided to pass NECO Marketing 2020 and I am sure of that. Now, the next thing you should do is set targets.

You have told yourself, “I will score A in Neco Marketing 2020”, that’s not all. You need to plan how to make it happen. Create a timetable and master plan to achieve your goals.


Normally, Neco recommends books for the examination. But apart from neco literature in English where certain novels are compulsory, you are free to use any good mathematics textbook to prepare for Neco 2020 exam.

Some textbooks are more difficult to understand. If you have any topic you are finding difficult to understand, then get a textbook that will simplify the topics and make life better for you.


Many candidates are fond of skipping exercises and even examples while studying textbooks. In fact, “we” loved notebooks so much that we could ask, “can I read my notebook and pass NECO Marketing?” Don’t be scared of attempting exercises in the subject


This is another factor that affects candidates’ success. Do not read the past questions; answer past questions. Ensure to understand and solve each problem. If you find any question difficult while attempting the marketing past questions, then feel free to consult your book for broad knowledge about the topic


Once in awhile, answer full one-year mathematics past questions on your own without checking the answers. Then mark to see what you score. With this, your confidence is very sure for 2021 NECO Marketing.

The answers for NECO is not yet ready to keep visiting and refreshing.

I believe the NECO Marketing Questions and Answers is useful and the exams will never be a problem to you after going through this wonderful article.

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