NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Expo/Runs Objectives/Essay PDF Download

Get the latest Correct NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Objectives/ Essay today. Download verified likely NECO Marketing exams Expo/runs for SSCE papers 1 & 2 (OBJ & Theory) here. Candidates can make A+ grades with our Marketing NECO Questions and Answers.

NECO Marketing Questions and Answers

The NECO Marketing Objectives and Theory questions and answers are aimed at providing candidates with hints on the current SSCE Marketing paper 1 and 2 ( Objectives and Theory) and Answers tips for all candidates. We equally Provide NECO Marketing Past Questions for Practice purposes.

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If you wish to make good use of the National Examination Council, NECO SSCE Exams Questions and Answers updates, careful Study this page to the end.


Verified NECO Marketing 2022 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

The Objectives section of the SSCE internal Exams provides options for the candidates to identify the correct answers. The following are to be noted while answering the WAEC SSCE Marketing Objectives Questions:

  • Ensures your answer booklet is from the NECO
  • Fill in all the details where required on the answer booklet.
  • Read the questions at least three times before Taking your option
  • Answer the questions accordingly, and be conscious of the questions you internationally omit within an intention of going back.
  • Always cross-check your answers.

NECO Marketing Past Questions and Answers:

1. E-marketing is also known as________

  • A. Internet business
  • B. Electronic banking
  • C. E- mail order
  • D. Direct purchasing

Correct Answer: A (Internet business)

2. Consumer buying behaviors are least required by one of the following efforts.

  • A. New buying
  • B. Routine buying
  • C. Impulse buying
  • D. High buying

The Correct Answer: C (Impulse buying)

3. Which of the following is an example of a transportation document that is used for local trade.

  • A. Consular invoice
  • B. Certificate of origin
  • C. Waybill
  • D. Bill of lading

Correct Answer: C (Waybill)

4……… is the differentiation of a firm’s product from other competing goods.

  • A. Branding
  • B. Labelling
  • C. Coding
  • D. Packaging

Correct Answer: B (Labelling)

5. One of the following clearly defines the willingness and ability to identify business opportunity, establish and operate it successfully.

  • A. Entrepreneurship
  • B. Wholesaling
  • C. Distribution
  • D. Purchasing

The Correct Answer: A (Entrepreneurship)

6. One of the following is an example of long-term source of fund for an entrepreneur.

  • A. Customer advances
  • B. Trade credits
  • C. Overdraft
  • D. Debenture

Correct Answer: D (Debenture)

7. Which of the following is an element of the external marketing environment?

  • A. Economic indices
  • B. Company procedures
  • C. Corporate culture
  • D. Organizational policy

Correct Answer: A (Economic indices)

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Questions and Answers on NECO Marketing exams today.

Download NECO Essay Questions and Answers for Marketing 2022/2022 PDF

The likely NECO Marketing Theory questions and answers. The Theory section of the NECO Marketing paper has the highest mark. Candidates should be very careful while attempting questions from this section.


The following should be observed during the NECO Marketing essay:

  • Read all the Exams instructions
  • Write your exams details where needed on the marketing answers booklet.
  • Start with the questions you know best
  • Ensures your handwriting is readable
  • Make sure you provide the necessary point needed on questions and avoid unnecessary details.
  • Try and and attempt up to expected number of questions.
  • Always go through your work before submission.

Correct NECO Marketing Theory questions and answers for SSCE Exams loading…

SSCE Marketing Expo/ Runs for NECO 2022

The Likely NECO Marketing Theory and objectives exams Expo will be made available as the exams are ongoing. Always refresh and check back.

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