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Public Administration Jobs. Did you know that your ministers, commissioners, civil servants etc are public administrators?

Are you a high school student considering what the propects you have if you study public administration in the university or a graduate of political science or an humanities or management courses considering pursuing a career in public administration?

Then you need to read this article to help you make an informed analysis on the prospects in public administration. Public administration can be defined in two ways, as a form of governance and as an academic field. 

As a form of governance, public administration can be simply defined as the administration of public policy i.e the administration of government policies, management of government establishments and nonprofit organizations.

As an academic discipline, public administration is defined as the study of or an inquiry into the decision making policies and programs of government.

It is defined as the study of how the government programs are administered for the benefit of the public and how its establishments are managed. Public administration is considered a sub-discipline of political science.

Branches of public administration

There are five core branches of public administration and they are:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Budgeting
  • Policy Analysis
  • Organizational theory
  • Ethics

Whether you chose the governance aspect or the academic aspect of public administration or you chose to combine both, there are a lot of opportunities for you out there.


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How to become a Public administrator

For you to pick up any public administration jobs you need to be certified i.e you must have gotten your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in public administration, political science or any related field and in most countries, there are association or boards that are in charge of certifing public administrators.

In the US it is the National Certified Public Manager Consortium (NCPMC). This is the body that certifies public administrators and it is only after you have finished the course that you can become a Certified Public Manager (CPM).

For you to become a public administrator, you must be dedicated to public service as the goal of public administration is to administer policies for the betterment of the people, therefore that should always be your goal.

Public Administration Jobs and their Salary

  • Management Analyst – $81,330 on average per annum
  • Budget Analyst – $73,840 on average per annum
  • Operations Research Specialist – $79,200 on average per annum
  • Public Relations Specialist – $58,020 on average per annum
  • Administrative Service Manager – $90,050 on average per annum
  • Public Relations and Fundraising Manager – $107,320 on average per annum
  • Urban/Regional Planners – $70,020 on average per annum
  • Human Resource Specialist – $59,180 on average per annum
  • Environmental Service and Protection Specialist – $44,190 on average per annum
  • News Analyst – $38,870 on average per annum
  • *These figures are according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (2015).

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What do you do as a public administrator?

Public administrators are involved in the public sector, overseeing federal, state and local agencies to produce public policies and coordinate public programs. They direct the efforts of public employees to manage operations for governmental agencies, public sector organizations and nonprofits.

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