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[email protected] Scholarship Program 2023/2024 Application for international students. Are you a young scholar searching for a wonderful scholarship tailored to suit your dream school and aspirations in Belgium? We have a [email protected] scholarship program to help that career of yours and achieve your dreams. We present the [email protected] Scholarships 2023-2024.

[email protected] Scholarship is a scholarship program for international students seeking a Master’s degree program on any climate course-related subject in Belgium.

The [email protected] Scholarship 2023-2024 is currently ongoing and interested applicants are advised to start sending their qualifications and applications at the 2023- 2024 [email protected]  Scholarship application website.

This article contains an introduction to [email protected] scholarship and what it is about, who can apply, requirements criteria, how to apply for the 2023-2024 [email protected] scholarship, and all you need to know how the [email protected] scholarship. Let’s get started!

[email protected] Scholarship 2023- What is it about?

The [email protected] scholarship are for motivated and talented international students who are interested in participating in an international master programme of the Faculty of Science of the K.U.Leuven.

Currently, application from developing eligible countries is ongoing.


Eligibility criteria and requirements for the 2023-2023 Belgium [email protected] International Scholarship.

This depends on the available Belgium [email protected] Scholarship available to a particular country and the Universities involved but here are the basic requirement

  •  the applicants have not studied or worked at the University of Leuven before,
  • the applicants have a bachelor degree from a foreign university that gives them access to the master programme they are applying for,
  • the applicants have not yet acquired a master degree or a PhD,
  • the applicants can prove having had excellent study results during their former training,
  • the applicants can prove a very strong knowledge of English ( TOEFL (minimum score 94 internet-based with at least 19 for reading, 18 for Listening, 19 for speaking and 21 for writing) or IELTS (minimum score 7 overall, whilst at least 6,5 for reading, 6 for listening, 6 for speaking and 6 for writing),
  • the applicants show strong motivation to follow a master programme at the Faculty of Science of the K.U.Leuven
  •  the applicants are willing to act as an ambassador for the programme.

How to Apply for the United Kingdom [email protected] Scholarship 2023-2023.

Deadline for application for the 2023-2023 [email protected] Belgium Scholarship.

Since the [email protected] Belgium Scholarship partners with several universities in other to birth this Scholarship, the deadline is on15 Feb 2023 (annual).Next course starts September 2023

We hope we have been able to give you the much-needed information concerning the [email protected] Belgium Scholarship 2023.


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