Shopify Facebook Store – Facebook Store | Shopify Store

This post will talk about Facebook Store – Facebook Store | Shopify Store: Searching for a concise article that explains what Shopify Facebook store entails in details? 
Are you aware that you can display your Shopify products on facebook for your fans on Facebook to have a feel and closer relationship with you and your brand, your products also? 

Shopify Facebook Store – Facebook Store | Shopify Store

If you do not know of this, I will be telling it to you in a short while. in the course of this article, I will be telling us of the Facebook store, the Shopify store, and how to integrate both online store platforms.
What Is a Facebook Store?
A facebook store is a channel on your facebook page through which you can sell your products on the platform. It is, therefore, a facebook feature or function.

With this feature users can easily list their products online via facebook and sell to their customers and clients on facebook.

What Is Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce platform. By this I mean it is an online marketplace. It is a Canadian owned and it has its headquarters in Ottawa Ontario. it is an online store platform very much like the facebook store.

With the influx of online stores in the internet today shopify is one of the most popular and most used online store platform.

Why Link your facebook Store with Your Shopify Online Store

The number of online store platforms continues to grow every day. It is important that you use the best of these stores in other to get the desired results.

Now, we already know that shopify and facebook are one of the best platform out there. With these two selling online has never been easier scalable and faster.

With facebook you can connect your store and also sell your products to millions of potential clients and customers on facebook.

You get to grow your reach online and your online community.

It is a fully mobile platform. Your customers can easily browse through your products whenever they feel like.

How to Link Your Shopify Store to Your Facebook Store

Follow the steps below the link both stores;

1. Open your shopify store.

2. Click on the +symbol next to your sales channel in the admin panel.

3. Next to the facebook channel click on learn more.

4. Next click on add channel.

5. On your shopify admin click on add facebook.

6. Click ‘get started’.

7. Lastly, click on connect account.

Shopify will have to connect to your facebook business page and also facebook will verify your account information.
That is it on Shopify Facebook Store – Facebook Store | Shopify Store.

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