Sign In to the Netflix 

Sign In to the Netflix

Are you a Netflix subscriber? You can use your existing Netflix login details to sign in through the Netflix app. If you have not subscribed to Netflix yet, you can sign up directly through Comcast.

How to sign up for Netflix on any device.

  1. Sign in to the Netflix App available in the device

Access the Netflix app on the device.

The Netflix app on is in the Entertainment menu on the Applications screen.

  1. There will be two options, Join Free for a Month or Sign in. Select Sign in.

Sign in option is to the right.

  1. Enter your existing Netflix username and password.

The Sign in screen has a table of numbers and letters that you can navigate to in order to enter your email address and password.

After a successful login, you can start streaming Netflix content and you will remain logged in until you sign out.

If you have any issue regarding your Netflix username and password, or if you have any issues signing in to the Netflix app on any device, please see these guidelines on how to get help signing in to the Netflix app on a device.

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