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Do you know that if you are a resident in Spain or you are an international worker or foreigner in Spain, you must be aware of the tax bracket and tax rates for each year. keeping track of the changes in Spain’s tax bracket from year to year in Spain can be quite tasking, don’t worry we have got you covered.

Tax brackets and tax rates in Spain could be due to the inflation rate in the economic system in Spain. These tax bracket changes can be measured by the consumer price index which also changes yearly. However, we will be taking you on a journey about Spain’s tax brackets for 2022.

Spain is reputed for having one of the most generous taxation systems that are favorable to locals, international workers, and foreigners living in Spain.

In this article, you will get to know the newly updated Spain tax brackets and tax rates for 2022, the Spain Minimum wage tax,  how the tax rate in Spain works, Spain’s VAT rate,  as well as other Frequently asked questions on 2022 tax bracket in Spain.

What are the tax brackets in Spain?

The tax brackets system in Spain is quite favorable, especially for international ex-pats and workers residing in Spain. Below are the 2022 Federal tax brackets and rates in Spain.

19% on the first 12,450 Euros

24% on income over  12,451- 20,200 Euros

30% on income between  20,201- 35,200 Euros

37% on income between 35,201- 60,000 Euros


How does Tax work in Spain?

The tax rates for both locals and international residents of Spain vary slightly. However, the France bracket rates still apply for both domiciled and international residents of Spain.

In Spain, Companies and Organisations are taxed under the personal income tax system or the Corporate tax system

How can I pay less tax in Spain?

Do you know you can spend less on tax by paying less tax? I bet you didn’t know that! In Spain, it is very much possible to save and spend less on taxation especially if you are an international ex-pat or foreigner staying in Spain for work reasons as the Beckham law in Spain provides a platform for Foreigners residing in Spain for work purposes to be able to pay fewer taxes in Spain, hence allowing you to save more on taxes.

Are Taxes high in Spain?

Tax rates in Spain are quite cheap compared to other European countries as personal income tax can be as low as 37% for higher earners and 27% for international workers in Spain. Hence, when seeking to make an establishment in Spain could be lucrative.

Spain has one of the most lucrative tax systems in Europe. Bookmark us for more recent information on the Spanish Tax system and bracket rates

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