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Do you know that if you are a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo, or a resident of Congo, it is important you should be aware of the tax bracket and tax rates for each year? It is important that you keep to date with the changes in tax bracket from year to year in Congo so that you can keep your spending in check.

Tax brackets and tax rates in the Democratic Republic of Congo change as a result of the inflation rate in the economic system in Congo. This tax bracket change is measured by the consumer price index that also changes yearly. The Congo tax brackets for 2022 has been recently updated

In this article, you will get to know the newly updated Congo tax brackets and tax rates for 2022, the Democratic Republic of Congo Minimum wage tax, the global flat taxation in Congo, how tax rate in the Democratic Republic works, low-income tax on Personal Income as well as other important information on 2022 tax bracket in Congo.

How much tax do you pay in Congo? Do you pay tax in Congo? What is the corporate tax rate in Congo? What country has the highest tax bracket?

How Tax works in Congo

The tax rates for both Domiciled and non Domiciled residents of the Democratic Republic of Congo differs slightly. The Republic of Congo taxes its residents on their worldwide income and taxes non-residents on their Congolese income.

Generally, the PIT rates are the same for domiciled and non-domiciled individuals. However, a tax rate of 20% is imposed on non-commercial income of a non-domiciled individual.

A tax rate of 20% is also imposed on salaries for duties performed in the Republic of Congo by foreign employees seconded to work in the Republic of Congo for limited periods.


What is the Global flat taxation in Congo?

The global flat tax in Congo is at the rate of 7% (on annual turnover) or 10% (on annual margin). This taxation regime is applicable to persons with an annual income of not more than 152,449 euros (EUR).

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