Tax Brackets for Iran in 2022 | Iranian Tax Bracket and Rates

As a resident of Iran or a citizen of Iran, one important thing you should be aware of is the tax brackets and tax rates for each year. You must keep to date with the changes in tax bracket from year to year in Iran so that you can keep your expenditures in check.

Taxation in Iran is levied and collected by the Iranian Nation Tax Administration under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs of the Government of Iran.

Here, you will be enlightened on the current Iranian Tax brackets and tax rates for 2022, how tax rates work in Iran, how much is Iranian income tax, the minimum wage in Iran, as well as other important information on the 2022 tax bracket in Iran.

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Iranian Tax Bracket and Rates

This is the tax bracket in Iran 2022 and it’s tax rates:

Income Tax RateIncome in IRR
exemptionUp to 40,000,000 (US$160)
10%40,000,000 to 80,000,000 to (US$320)
15%80,000,000 to 120,000,000 to (US$480)
20%120,000,000 to 180,000,000 to (US$720)
25%180,000,000 to 240,000,000 to (US$900)
30%240,000,000 to 320,000,000 (US$1200)
35%In excess of 320,000,000 (US$1200)

How Tax rates work in Iran

Individuals of Iranian nationality resident in Iran are subject to tax on all their income whether earned in Iran or abroad.

Non-resident individuals are liable to pay tax on their Iranian-soured income. Foreign nationals working in Iran are also subject to the same income tax based on their salary.

How much is income Tax in Iran

The standard corporate income tax in Iran is 25%. Companies that are quoted on the stock exchange and commodity exchange are eligible for a reduced corporate income tax rate of 25.5%. A withholding tax rate of 3% applies to payments made by companies for rental payments and to service providers.

What is the Iran Minimum wage?

Iran’s minimum wage is the lowest amount a worker can be paid legally for his work. Most countries have a nationwide minimum wage that all workers must be paid

Iran has a government-mandated minimum wage, and no worker in Iran can be paid less than this mandatory minimum rate of pay. Employers in Iran who fail to pay the Minimum wage may be subject to punishment by Iran’s government

Iran’s minimum wage is 712,000 Iranian tomans ($215) (equal to 7120000 rials), set annually for each sector and region

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