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As a citizen of Turkey or a resident of Turkey, one important thing you should be aware of is the tax bracket and tax rates for each year. It is important that you keep to date with the changes in tax bracket from year to year in turkey so that you can keep your expenditures in check.

Tax brackets and tax rates in Turkey change as a result of the inflation rate in the economic system in Turkey. This tax bracket changes is measured by the consumer price index which also changes yearly. The Turkish tax brackets for 2022 have been recently updated

Here, you will be enlightened on the current Turkish tax brackets and tax rates for 2022, the Turkish Minimum wage tax bracket exemption, how tax rate in turkey works, low-income tax on Personal Income as well as other important information on 2022 tax bracket in Turkey.

Does Turkey have high taxes? What is the 2020 tax brackets? How much is tax free in Turkey?

Turkish Tax Brackets and rates

This is the tax bracket in Turkey 2023 and it’s tax rates:

Income Tax Tariff

Income Bracket Tax Rate %

Up to 32,000 TRY 15%

For 32,000 of 70,000 TRY, tax is is determined as 4,800 TRY, for more 20%

For 70.000 of 250,000 TRY, tax is is determined as 12,400 TRY, for more 27%

For 250,000 of 880,000 TRY tax is determined as 61,000 TRY, for more 35%

For 880,000 TRY, tax is determined as 281,500 TRY, for more 40%

The table can be summarized as below:

Rate Base

1st Tax Bracket 15% 0 – 32,000

2nd Tax Bracket 20% 32,000 – 70,000

3rd Tax Bracket 27% 70,000 – 250,000

4rth Tax Bracket 35% 250,000 – 880,000

5th Tax Bracket 40% 880,000+


Turkish Minimum wage tax Exemption 2022

This is 2022 Minimum Wage Tax Exemptions in Turkey alongside its Period Income Tax Exemption Stamp Tax Exemption:

  • January 638.01 37.98
  • February 638.01 37.98
  • March 638.01 37.98
  • April 638.01 37.98
  • May 638.01 37.98
  • June 638.01 37.98
  • July 638.01 37.98
  • August 739.37 37.98
  • September 850.68 37.98
  • October 850.68 37.98
  • November 850.68 37.98
  • December 850.68 37.98

How Tax rates in Turkey works

It is important that you have the understanding that Turkey taxes its residents on their worldwide income, whereas non-residents are taxed on Turkish-source earnings only.

Income tax is levied on taxable income at progressive rates after certain deductions and allowances.

Are there Local Income tax on Personal Income?

In Turkey, there are no local taxes on personal income

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