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Are you seeking to know the updated Italian tax bracket? Do you know that the Tax Brackets in Italy might differ from year to year? If you aren’t aware, you must note when these tax bracket in Italy changes so that you can adjust to the economic situation in Italy.

The change in the tax bracket for a certain year might change slightly or there might not be anything noticeable change. The Federal tax brackets for Italy and rates have been updated in 2022.

In this article, you will get to find out what the tax bracket means, the latest version of the 2022 Italian tax bracket, why tax Brackets do change from year to year, how the changes in the italian tax rate can affect income and expenditures, and we will also attempt several frequently asked questions on tax brackets in Italy.

What is a tax bracket?

Do you know that different tax rate is applied to each level of income?  That’s right! Different levels of income have different tax rates and it is called tax brackets.

Tax brackets are organized in a way that low-income Italians pay a lower percentage in taxes than high-income Italians.

Tax Brackets in Italy 2022

With the recent updates, the Italian tax bracket for 2022 has not yet been updated however you can check below to find out the 2021 tax bracket for Italy

Federal tax brackets and rates are as follows for Italy:

  • 23% on the first 15,000 Euros
  • 27% on income over  15,000- 28000 Euros
  • 38% on income between  28000- 55,000 Euros
  • 41% on income between 55,000- 75,000 Euros
  • 43% on Income above 75,000 Euros


What is the Sales Tax rate – VAT in Italy 2022.

The current sales tax rate in Italy is projected to be about 22.00 percent according to Econometric models in Europe.

Are Taxes high in Italy?

Tax rates in Italy could be a bit on the high side compared to other European countries as personal income tax can be as high as 43% for higher earners. Hence, when seeking to make an establishment in Italy, it is wise to seek professional help.

How much is tax-free in Italy?

One of the tax highest refund rates can be found in Italy as large purchases of about 154.95 EUR can have up to a 15.5% return rate. Although, this refund rate varies between 11.6% to 15.5% of the purchase amount.

Who is Eligible to pay Tax in Italy?

  • People who live in Italy permanently
  • If you have lived in Italy for a minimum of 183days of a year calendar
  • Business, Enterprises, organizations, etc operating in Italy
  • You owned more than one property in Italy
  • People who work in Italy.

Italy remains one of Europeans finest countries with lots of Business and economic activities. Need more updates on the latest information on 2022 Italian Tax Bracket? Kindly bookmark us for more.

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