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Do you know that if you are a citizen of the Uganda, or a resident of Uganda, it is important you should be aware of  the tax bracket and tax rates for each year. It is important that you keep to date with the changes in tax bracket from year to year in Uganda so that you can keep be alert about the economic situation in the Uganda.

Tax brackets and tax rates in the Uganda changes as a result of inflation rate and economic instability in the economic system in Uganda. This tax bracket changes is measured by the consumer price index that also changes yearly.

In this article, you will get to know the newly updated Uganda tax brackets and PAYE, LST and NSSF tax rates for 2022, how is PAYE Calculated in Uganda, How to calculate income tax in Uganda, how tax rate in the Uganda works,  employment income tax as well as other important information on 2022 tax bracket in Uganda. Let’s proceed.

How Tax works in Uganda?

The Uganda taxation system is a robust one that seeks to provide economic stability for it’s residence , business owners and investors hence residence are taxed depending on their economic and employment income.

Who is Eligible to pay Tax in Uganda?

  • People who live in Uganda permanently
  • If you have lived in Uganda for a minimum of 183days of a year calendar
  • Business, Enterprises, organizations, etc operating in Uganda
  • You owned more than one property in Uganda
  • People who work in Uganda


Tax Brackets in Uganda 2023

Recently, the Uganda tax bracket for 2022 has been updated. Below is the recently updated PAYE, LST and NSSF tax rate in Uganda for 2023.

Employment income tax brackets and rates are as follows for Uganda:

10% on the 0- 4,020,000 UGX

20% on income over  4,020,001- 4,920,000 UGX

30% on income between 4,920,001 – 120,000,000

40% on income between 120,000,001 – 35,106,000

How is PAYE Calculated in Uganda?

The Maximum amount of PAYE is Shs 25,000 and that is taken from residents who’s monthly economic income exceeds Shs 410,000

How is Salary taxed in Uganda?

The tax rates for both Domiciled and non Domiciled residents of the Uganda differs slightly. The Government taxes its residents  on their economic employment income and taxes its non-residents on their international taxation system in Uganda

Uganda can be considered one of the fast developing economic in Africa with lots of Business and investments.

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