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UNIUYO School Fees for New and Returning Students 2022/2023  for Academic Session. The University of Uyo School Fees for both old and new students at UNIUYO eportal, and how to Pay UNIUYO Fees. Read more for the Latest School fees breakdown and payments guide below.

UNIUYO School Fees

Those searching for UNIUYO School Fees for year one, Returning/Old Students,  Accommodation fees, and Acceptance fees are on the right track. Read more on School fees for UNIUYO Students.

This article is out to enlighten Newly Admitted students in UNIUYO to know the actual amount of money to pay at the 100 level. It will show in detail beginning from the UNIUYO Acceptance fee, to bursary and other related payments.

UNIUYO 2022 School Fees for Freshers

The Newly Admitted students otherwise called Freshers or Freshmen are expected to pay an amount entirely different from old students.

At this level ( 100) all the charges will be made available for payment which may not come u again till graduation.

The total amount of money expected from all UNIUYO Freshers both UTME and Direct entry students is #70,000 (Seventy thousand) Naira only.

After this payment students will not have to pay anymore for some basic services rendered and controlled by the University management.

UNIUYO School Fees for Returning Students 2022

The Old Student’s fees are not really different from the old ones.

UNIUYO School Fees differs with Faculty. Some Faculties pay higher than others. If you are Studying a professional Course it is likely that your fees will be more than those of art courses.

All Returning Students will pay an Amount close to #60,000 (Sixty thousand) Naira only

How to Pay UNIUYO School Fees

The Following steps are used to pay University of Uyo School Fees for freshers and old students:

  1. Go to UNIUYO eportal at https://uniuyo.edu.ng/eportals/
  2. Login with your REG Number and Access code
  3. Click on Pay fees
  4. generate an RRR or invoice for payment
  5. Proceed to pay your fees via remita.
  6. after payment visits the UNIUYO eportal again to print out your receipt.


UNIUYO Accommodation fee

Are you planning of getting an accommodation from the school? The University Hostel are available for old and new students.

In some cases getting an apartment outside the school premises may be more costly and stressful when trying to meet up with Lectures.

The University of Uyo, UNIUYO Accommodation fee is..

How to pay for Accommodation in UNIUYO

The following steps are used to payments for Accommodation:

  • Visit UNIUYO eportal
  • Locate Bursary
  • Choose students related
  • Choose Hostel/ Accommodations
  • Generate an Invoice and make payment through remita.

I hope the article is very useful on UNIUYO School Fees for New and Returning/Old Students. Feel free to share this article with your friends. We also cherish your opinions, leave it in the comments section below.


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