WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2020/2021 Objectives/Essay

Sure WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions   20and Answers20 to objectives and Essay.  You are ready to Answer and make good grades in Animal Husbandry exams. There are many peoples equally online googling WAEC  theory and Objectives answers 2020, WAEC 2020 Animal husbandry essay answers, keep calm and follow everything we have for you concerning this particular Exams.

But before we go into details, There are many secrets concerning The West African Examinations. Exams answers are very common, but how sure are you about the answers? Here we are going to guide you on WAEC Animal Husbandry Past questions and Answers

WAEC Animal husbandry Answers

WAEC 2020 Animal Husbandry Objectives Questions and Answers

WAEC Animal Husbandry 2020 exams is another section of the exams whereby you will be required to choose the correct options. The options may range from A to D or you may be required to take True or False. To answer these questions correctly, kindly read the questions at least 3 times. These will help you to pass the WAEC exams questions very well.


Which of the following products could be obtained from pigs?
I. Bacon
II. Chevon
A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

2. Which the following farm animal is not a ruminant?
A. Cattle
B. Sheep
C. Goat
D. Rabbit

3. Male reproductive hormones include
A. oxytocin.
B. oestrogen.
C. relaxin.

4. Which of the following organs is associated with excretion in farm animals?
A. Pancreas
B. Small intestine
C. Kidney
D. Oesophagus

5. The period from conception to parturition in livestock is known as
A. lactation.
B. fertilization.
C. ovulation.
D. gestation.

WAEC Animal Husbandry Essay Questions and Answers 2020

WAEC Animal Husbandry theory Answers also know as Essay answers. This section requires that the candidate chose the questions from his or her country and answer. The numbers of questions required Will be mentioned in the exam questions paper.


1. (a) List three organs associated with each of the following body systems:
(i) excretory;
(ii) digestive;
(iii) reproductive.
(b) Explain briefly the major function of eachsystem named in (1) (a) above
(c) Discuss Newcastle disease of poultry under the following headings:
(i) causative agent;
(ii) two symptoms;
(iii) two preventive measures.

2. (a) Mention six ways in which farm animals are important to the economy of West Africa.
(b) (i) State two classes of farm animals.
(ii) Give three examples of animals in each class stated in (b) (i) above
(c) Outline the process of egg formation in a hen.

3. (a) Mention seven industrial raw materials that could be obtained from farm animals.
(b) State seven ways of caring for a pregnant co
(c) Define the following terms as used in animal husbandry:
(i) steaming up;
(ii) dystocia;
(iii) flushing.


How to Answer Animal Husbandry WAEC Questions

The following are WAEC Success tips for every candidate:

1,Before you Answer WAEC animal husbandry questions make sure you:

2. Pray to God your Creator and the giver of success

3. Carefully read and follow the instructions in the exam questions paper

4. Start With the questions you know very well

5. Avoid unnecessary distraction from others

6. Make sure you are conscious to the time allowed

7. Fill in all your details were it is required.

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