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Free WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers 2023/2024 For Objectives and theory: For Candidates searching for Official Data Processing WAEC Questions, expo/runs, You have every opportunity to gather the right information provided here in order to make your Data processing OBJ & Theory exams a huge success in WASSCE.

WAEC Data Processing Answers

 The WAEC Data Processing essay and theory updates you need are available, keep calm, and follow everything we have for you concerning this particular Exam. Solutions to Data processing WAEC exams Questions are provided here.

The page equally contains WAEC past questions on Data Processing that may be repeated for Paper1 and Paper 2 (OBJ & Essay).

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has instructed all candidates to adhere to all Data Processing WAEC exams Instructions while providing the necessary materials to facilitates the smooth running of the exams. See below for More Expo/runs tips or likely WAEC Questions and answers for Data Processing exams.

Download WAEC Data Processing 2023 Objectives Question and Answers PDF

This is another section of the exams in Data Processing whereby you will be required to choose the correct options. The options may range from A to D or you may be required to take True or False.

To answer these questions correctly, kindly read the questions at least 3 times. These will help you to pass the WAEC 2023 Data Processing questions very well.

Below are WAEC Past questions that may be repeated:

1. One of The following is not destructive software.

  • A. trojan horses
  • B. worms
  • C. drivers
  • D. logic bomb

The Correct Answer is C (drivers)

2. The Following measures would secure data in database except?

  • A. Encryption
  • B. Username and passwords
  • C. Personal Identification Number
  • D. Data integration

The Answer is D (Data integration)

3. A program developed to protect the computer from malicious software is referred to as

  • A. antivirus
  • B. driver
  • C. trojan
  • D. spyware

The Answer is A (antivirus)

4. Which of the following follows a set of rules in exchange of information over a network.

  • A. protocols
  • B. transfer rules
  • C. channels rules
  • D. transmission rules

The Correct Answer is A (protocols)

5. A file kept in case of an accident or natural disaster is called

  • A. master
  • B.back-up 
  • C. transition
  • D. reference

The Answer is B (back-up )

Practice Data Processing Questions below:

1. The first generation computers made use of

  • A. object-oriented programming language.
  • B. high level programming language.
  • C. low level programming language.
  • D. procedural programming language.

2. Microprocessor was used as the main electronic component of the

  • A. first generation computers.
  • B. fourth generation computers.
  • C. third generation computers.
  • D. second generation Computers.

3. The act of producing information from figures, text or images is called data

  • A. collation.
  • B. conversion
  • C. preparation.
  • D. processing.

4. The following are primary sources of information except

  • A.observation 
  • B. publication
  • C. questienaire
  • D. interview.

5. Which of the following factors is not considered when classifying computers?

  • A. Location
  • B. Type
  • C. Size
  • D. Purpose

6. Which of these channels would enable business transactions between a buyer from Nigeria and a seller from Ghana?

  • A. e-portal
  • B. podcasting
  • C. e-commeree
  • D. e-library

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Data Processing Essay WAEC Questions and Answers 2023 PDF

WAEC Data Processing Essay Answers are also known as theory answers. This section requires that the candidate chose the questions from his or her country and answer. The number of questions required Will be mentioned in the exam questions paper.

Below are sample past Questions for Practice.

1. (a) (i) What is data model?
(ii) State three types of data model.

(b) (i) List three approaches to data modelling.
(ii) Explain any. one approach listed in l(b)(t).

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WAEC Data Processing Expo/Runs 2023/2024

Below are the Questions and Answers Success Guide:

  • 1. Time Management while Answering Questions
  • 2.Answer your best Questions First
  • 3.Fill your Details Appropriately
  • 4.Read the Questions Carefully

Data Processing Hot topics and marking Scheme

The hot topics and likely WAEC expo in Data Processing are coming your way, Stay glued to this page for our latest updates on the Exams. Try and present your answers to meet the exam marking scheme.

The significance of storing data in a distributed database management system is also required.

I hope at this juncture, you have been able to follow WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers carefully. leave your contribution in the comment box below.

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