WAEC Agric Science Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Expo) Objectives/Essay

WAEC Agric Science Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Objectives/ Essay PDF download. There are many things that candidates sitting for the ongoing WASSCE exams Should expect on Agric Science Exams. In this article, you will have all your questions about the Agric Science WAEC Questions and Answers.

The article will show you WAEC Agric Science Answers PDF,  how to download WAEC Agric Science Questions and Answers paper 1 and 2 (OBJ & Theory), and  likely WAEC Agric Science expo/runs 2021. Make sure you follow the guidelines very well.

WAEC 2021 is very simple, feel relaxed, and tackle it squarely. Also, some candidates fail WAEC, not because they are dull or not brighter, but because they are not well informed. WASSCE Agric Science objectives and Theory questions and answers tips are made available hereunder.

If you wish to do it yourself in WAEC Agricultural Science Exams, key into the  following:

WAEC Agric Science Questions and Answers

Download WAEC Agricultural Science Questions and Answers (Expo) 2022

The Agric Science Exam questions and answers are made available for download. To make effective use of the updates, candidates are advised to download a PDF format into their device.

Where to get WAEC Agric Science Objectives Questions and Answers 2022

To get the WAEC Agriculture exams Answers available, we advise candidates to keep checking for any updates regarding the exams here. In addition to that, make sure you read the objectives Questions not less than three-time before providing the answer.

If you rush to pick any answer based on your previous knowledge, you are likely going to fail because the questions may not portray what is in your mind. WAEC Agric Science Past Questions and Answers The following are WAEC Agric Past questions and answers that may be repeated

Paper 1 (Objective)

Paper 1 (Objective)

  • 1. The device which helps to regulate heat in an incubator is the
    A. thermometer.
    B. hygrometer.
    C. insulator.
    D. thermostat.

  • 2. Which of the following statements about crop production is
    Not correct?
    A. Onions are commonly grown in the rainforest zones.
    B. Yam, cocoyam and cassava are grown in both the rainforest and the savanna regions.
    C. Some foreign vegetable crops are grown in and around urban centres.
    D. Carrots are commonly grown in the savanna and moist vegetation belts.

  • 3. Which of the following is a disadvantage of surface irrigation?
    A. The quantity of water lost is high.
    B. Water is evenly distributed over the farmland
    C. It is very cheap to operate.
    D. The system is suitable for paddy rice cultivation.

  • 4. Fine soil tilth is produced by the use of
    A. Harrow.
    B. Plough.
    C. Ridger.
    D. Mower.

  • 5. The problems of farm mechanization in West Africa include the following
    A. reduction of farm drudgery.
    B. small farm holdings.
    C. poverty of farmers.
    D. poor topography.

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How to get WAEC Agric Science 2022 Essay Questions and Answers pdf

As earlier stated, keep checking for the WAEC Agric Science updates that are available for download. Every other detail will be out with time. Before you submit your answer booklet, make sure you read the answer you have provided.

This is to help you make some necessary corrections where applicable. 

The Past Questions and Answers below may be repeated:

Paper 2 (Essay)

(1)(a) Explain each of the following terms as used in animal production: (i) Dipping; (ii) Dry cow; (iii) Culling; (iv) Quarantine (b) Describe the life cycle of roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides) (c) Explain the term farm mechanization. (d) Name four tractor coupled implements

(2)(a) State six limitations of farm mechanization in West Africa. (b) Suggest six ways of encouraging farm mechanization in West Africa. (c) List four methods of identification in cattle management. (d) What is debeaking in poultry management?

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WAEC Agricultural Science Exams Schedule

The WASSEC body has scheduled the examination to favor all candidates. Make good use of your  WAEC Timetable that has been released to know the schedule for the exams.


If there is any question about the WAEC Agric Science Questions and Answers, kindly use the comment box below.

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